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Obituaries 2000-2003

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 4 months ago

Obituaries in Ottawa, Kansas Newspapers





In 2003-2004 Alena Loyd retyped the existing Ottawa Annals for 1864-1964 and created new annals for 1965-2003 using microfilmed copies of “The Ottawa Times” and “The Ottawa Herald.” While going through the papers for 1965-2003 she also abstracted the obituaries. Alena used the weekly “The Ottawa Times” for 1965-August 24, 2000 and “The Ottawa Herald” (published Mon-Sat) for August 25, 2000-2003.


This document is in Word and specific names may be searched using the computer’s Edit/Find feature.

To obtain a copy of an obituary, contact Franklin County Genealogical Society, PO Box 353, Ottawa, KS 66067. Their research fees are currently $10.00/hour plus copies and postage. Library staff can relay to them an email order stating that these fees are acceptable. Researchers may also conduct their own research by asking their local library to borrow microfilm of Ottawa, Kansas newspapers from Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, KS

Obituaries 2000-2003 Change from The Ottawa Times to The Ottawa Herald




Jan. 1/2 – Faye Meeker McDaniels, Milferd Harwood Garnett, Dorothy I. Vaughan Garnett, Frank F. Stultz and Edna Reeves passed away.

Jan. 3 – E. Edna Reeves, Flossie M. Gieber, Joseph E. Rogers, Beverly J. McCurdy and Manuel Barron passed away.

Jan. 4 – Flossie Mildred Gieber, Daisy Hartley Gunn, Alfred “Al” Beets, Dorothy Goldsmith, Carol Drum and Luke Mader passed away.

Jan. 5 – Luke W. Mader, Anacelia Trinity Elizondo-Bermudez, Rose Whitacre and Alfred “Al” Beets passed away.

Jan. 6 – From The Ottawa Herald – Reaber W. Daniels, Ethel I. Hirt Woods and Grace B. Ashburn passed away.

Jan. 6 – From The Ottawa Times – Wayne Arnold, Dora Belle Burns, Helen Lucile Crist, Alpha Edwin Elrod, Roy Foster, Mildred M. Hamby, Dorothy Ann Hazen, John Emery Jamison, Susie K. Nichols, Leta E. Rivers, Maxine L. Thompson and Delores Ann Williams passed away.

Jan. 7 – John Stewart “Stew” Newlin passed away.

Jan. 8 – Dale E. Cooper, Angela Rene Hehner, Kevin Michael Hehner and Carolyn Rae Bates passed away.

Jan. 10 – Kenneth R. “Bud” Monroe, Wayne “Big Joe” Whittington, Angela Rene Hehner, Kevin Michael Hehner, Carolyn Rae Bates, Robert “Bob” H. Hunley, Velma L. Starr and Edythe M. Hufford passed away.

Jan. 11 – Aletha Winn, Perry E. Watkins, James M. Fredricks, Thelma I. Griffin and John L. Ryan passed away.

Jan. 12 – Aletha P. Winn, James M. “Jim” Fredricks, John L. Ryan and Delmer Porter passed away.

Jan. 13 – Bobby J. Holland, Aletha P. Winn, Robert E. Seymour, Maryln Austin Lehman and Delmar Porter passed away.

Jan. 14 – Delmar Porter, Ethel Elizabeth Showalter and Elva J. Ketch passed away.

Jan. 15/16 – Elva J. Ketch and Dale Leroy Glenn passed away.

Jan. 17 – Robert D. Garrett, Samuel Richardson, Madge Lois (Brown) Henry and Jo A. (Hudelson) Herold passed away.

Jan. 18 – Richard Henry Carter, Jonathan E. “Jay” Todd, Ernestine L. Fisher and Dorothy L. Anderson passed away.

Jan. 19 – Jonathan E. “Jay” Todd, Ernestine L. Fisher, Kay Hatfield-Pelot and Dorothy L. Anderson passed away.

Jan. 20 – James Edward Thompson, Edith Hrabe, Mildred L. Fleming, Nellie Marie Serrato, Manda M. Neal, Kenneth James Bowman, Jonathan E. “Jay” Todd and Dorothy L. Anderson passed away.

Jan. 21 – Elva (Van Meter/Hunt) Apel, Rosalie D. Smith, Nealie Marie Serrato, Donna Kirkland-Dowdy passed away.

Jan. 22/23 – Doris Rosalie Smith passed away.

Jan. 24 – Renee Lynn Kuder Berry, Esther L. Alford, Jessie M. Nickelson, Manda M. Neal, Melanie Leann Edmundson and M. Esther Watkins passed away.

Jan. 25 – Rene Lynn Berry, Lela C. Cooper and Lucy J. Scharf passed away.

Jan. 27 – Kenneth Eugene Walker and Constance M. Rinehart passed away.

Jan. 28 – Mason Lee Michael Blitch passed away.

Jan. 29/30 – Madelon Armour, Kevin Michael Rothwell, Woodrow “Woody” Tucker and Margaret Grant passed away.

Jan. 31 – James R. March and Letha F. Griffith passed away.

Feb. 1 – James R. March passed away.

Feb. 2 – Henry “Hap” Herrill and Roy Webber passed away.

Feb. 3 – Henry “Hap” Herrill, Jeff Landes, Roy V. Webber and (Rosamond) Lucille Cox Bennett passed away.

Feb. 4 – Jeffrey J. Landes and Darrell L. Macy, Sr. passed away.

Feb. 5/6 – Harry “Jay” DeGarmo, Walter Stoebener and Darrell L. Macy, Sr. passed away.

Feb. 7 – Plina Savannah Thacker, Barbara Imogene Doty, Walter John Stoebener, Annie C. Compton, Ralph E. “Dutch” Riemer, Robert Eugene Cronin and King Randell Sr. passed away.

Feb. 8 – King Randell, Sr., Fern Hyatt and Claude E. Corbett passed away.

Feb. 9

Feb. 10 – Vista Keefer, Irene Bostic and Homer J. Henning passed away.

Feb. 11 – Richard Ray Lancaster and Ralph J. Caruthers passed away.

Feb. 12/13 – John Herbert Hewitt, Ronald D. “Ronnie” Lynch, Betty Maurine Maloney, Dawson Nicholas, Griffin Thomas Tucker and Robert Victor “Vic” Simms passed away.

Feb. 14 – Joseph F. Sumners, Nancy Ball, Robert V. “Vic” Simms, Wilma I. Davis, Anna C. Miller, Doris I. Benus and Wayne “Pete” A. Hoopes passed away.

Feb. 15 – Chester Eugene Irvin passed away.

Feb. 16 – Owen C. Manson, Jr., Eileen Speers and Helen Beatrice Barrett passed away.

Feb. 17 – Owen C. Manson, Jr. and Eileen Spears passed away.

Feb. 18 – William “Bill” Mustain and Rosemarie J. Kohart passed away.

Feb. 19/20 – Mary Dorothy Harold passed away.

Feb. 21 – Ruth L. Guenther, Virgil Pickert, Eula May Hennessey and Dorothy L. Schwanke passed away.

Feb. 22 – Richard Dwane Clayton, Edith L. Collinge, Mary Opal Hull, Harold F. Hartman and Ruth L. Guenther passed away.

Feb. 23 – Mary Opal Hull, Margaret M. McNees and Anne Eleanor Meade passed away.

Feb. 24 – Margaret M. McNees passed away.

Feb. 25 – Frieda Marie Harber, Louann Maley and James Warren Tawney passed away.

Feb. 26/27 – Leo C. Shoemaker passed away.

Feb. 28 – Dale I. Hird, Mary Isabelle Rust, Delma C. Shaw, Bernice Counts-Shofner, Mary E. Tankersley and Alvera May Howell passed away.

Feb. 29 – Irma C. Miller and Alvera May Howell passed away.

Mar. 1 – William Wyatt “Bill” Eddy, Sr., Jesse Blanco and Mary E. Tankersley passed away.

Mar. 2 – Molly S. Myers and Catherine Scott passed away.

Mar. 3 – Clayton Erhart, George Eli Jennings and Louise Randel passed away.

Mar. 4/5 – Bernice Elizabeth Bond, Leila L. (Amstutz) Rose, Louise Randel Williamsburg and Clayton Erhart passed away.

Mar. 6 – Lydia M. Nettleton, Doris H. Grimes, Thelma Izora McCoach, Lula M. Trout Lidikay, Iola M. Brooks and Clayton Erhart passed away.

Mar. 7 – Doris H. Grimes, Portia L. Hendrix, Betty J. Kalcic, Don R. Geer, George Willard “Will” Frank, Alma Jean Wilson and Derry Flaherty passed away.

Mar. 8 – William D. Morehead and Willis A. Gilliland passed away.

Mar. 9 – Phyllis A. Schamle, Lloyd Westbrook, Melva R. Davis and Harland F. Gillett passed away.

Mar. 10 – Phyllis A. Schamle, Rex Allen Rissen, Homer L. Russell, Willis Arthur Gilliland and Tray Galloway passed away.

Mar. 11/12 – Willis A. Gilliland, William Chester “Trey” Galloway, Silvana M. Sheldon and Steven Elliott O’Neal passed away.

Mar. 13 – John R. Sand, Jerry W. James and John E. Agee passed away.

Mar. 14 – Raymond L. Nordling and Kathleen L. Witt passed away.

Mar. 15 – Ralph L. Green, Gary Dwayne Fish, Terry Eugene Renfro and Sharon Elizabeth Renfro passed away.

Mar. 16 – Ralph L. Green, Amy Myers and Melvin L. Kneedler passed away.

Mar. 17 – Melvin Leroy Kneedler, Amy Pearl Myers and Shelby J. Schoonover passed away.

Mar. 18/19 – Amy Pearl Myers passed away.

Mar. 20 – Anna E. Bell, George Edgecomb, Ruth DeBoer and Bessie F. Neith passed away.

Mar. 21 – George A. Edgecomb, Bessie F. Neith, Sheila M. Ferguson, Anna E. Bell, James L. “Jim” Warren and Frederick Allen Troxel passed away.

Mar. 22 – James Edward Hines and Helen Inscore passed away.

Mar. 23 – Steven W. Bagby, George Caleb, Denzel C. Bryant and Cyril W. Feuerborn passed away.

Mar. 24 – Denzel C. Bryant, George C. Caleb, Steven Bagby, Cyril William Feuerborn and J. Milton “Milt” Sullivant passed away.

Mar. 25/26

Mar. 27 – Jerry F. Siruta, Charles Clifford Stephens, Helen Irene Inscore and Coriene Olive Rogers passed away.

Mar. 28 – Henry Ritch Brundage passed away.

Mar. 29 – Henry R. Brundage and Hannah Gilchrist passed away.

Mar. 30 – Marjory I. Miller and Grace M. Webb passed away.

Mar. 31 – Grace M. Webb, Marjory I. Miller passed away.

Apr. 1/2 – Grace M. Webb passed away.

Apr. 3 – Clarence W. Hummelgaard, Lena R. Starr and Bessie Hill Graffham passed away.

Apr. 4

Apr. 5 – Rosalyn Dean Whirley and Melvin J. Glaser passed away.

Apr. 6 – Melvin J. Glaser and Roland F. Sass passed away.

Apr. 7 – Vivian L. Lawson, Roland F. Sass and Olive Summers passed away.

Apr. 8/9 – Roland F. Sass, Emma A. Fogleman and William “Bill” Welborn passed away.

Apr. 10 – Olive Catherine Summers, Georgia May Chrisjohn Ellis, Ronald D. Miller, Ella May Nichols and Josephine Staadt passed away.

Apr. 11 – Josephine A. Staadt and Raymond C. Gibson passed away.

Apr. 12 – Raymond C. Gibson, Ida Hazel Morse, Roland F. Sass and Maxine Starosta passed away.

Apr. 14 – Helen Elizabeth Roese and Harold T. Fredrickson passed away.

Apr. 17 – Myrtle L. Leitnaker, Ethel Rothwell, Frank Clavin Teager and Gladys I. Ewert passed away.

Apr. 18 – Gladys I. Ewert, Adam Byerley, Thomas Eugene “Gene” Anderson, Betty Callahan Wright Kalcic passed away.

Apr. 19 – Rebecca Lynn Light passed away.

Apr. 20 – Mildred E. Trobough, Paul Pierce and Elizabeth A. “Liz” Baldwin passed away.

Apr. 21 – Elizaberth A. “Liz” Baldwin and Opal “Wadine” Watts passed away.

Apr. 22/23 – Paul McNeil Pierce, Ruth N. Bradley and G. L. “Jerry” Albright passed away.

Apr. 24 – Rhonda K. Fritts, Helen Jordan Dillon and Lloyd M. Mordy passed away.

Apr. 25 – Helen Joardon Dillon, Max Roush and Dorothy Cramer passed away.

Apr. 26 – Dallisrose “Rosie” Crouch, Dorothy Cramer, Charlie Eldon Hay, Sr., Margaret Walters Cox, Helen D. Rucker and Marguerite Williams passed away.

Apr. 27 – Helen D. Rucker and Marguerite Williams passed away.

Apr. 28 – Helen D. Rucker, Harold F. Meyer, Kathy Ann Bolen, Raymond H. Hossfeld and Dana Calvert passed away.

Apr. 29/30 – Wayne A. “Pete” Hoopes and Dana Louise Calvert passed away.

May 1 – Goldie Marie Watkins, Wayne A. “Pete” Hoopes, Vince Kent, James Bourke Martin, Lola B. Hayes Grammer, Elizabeth Hilary and Heath McKiernan passed away.

May 2 – Goldie Marie Watkins, Vincent Jerome Kent and Rev. Raymond F. Pedrick passed away.

May 3 – Richard Newton Pearson, V. Stephen Henderson and Clover May Hull passed away.

May 4 – Dylan Allan Seymour and Harold Lee Butterfield passed away.

May 6/7 – Mildred L. Bethell and George E. Zook passed away.

May 8 – Mildred Louise Bethell, George E. Zook, Dana Pearson Cavender and P. Clinton Haines passed away.

May 9 – Marjorie Irene Houston passed away.

May 10 – Marjorie Irene Houston, Gertrude M. Robertson, Marcella A. (Brummel) Mader, Alice E. Ryan, Will Warren and Margie Sue Stanford passed away.

May 11 – William W. Warren, Gertrude “Trudy” M. Robertson, Graden W. Griffin, David Tyler Heckman and Margie Sue Stanford passed away.

May 12 – Graden W. Griffin, Clarence C. “Strick” Strickland, Alta Cunningham Wallis and Bill C. Gordon passed away.

May 13/14 – Dana E. Hobson, Bill C. Gordon and Graden W. Griffin passed away.

May 15 – Joe W. Ferns, Bill C. Gordon, Ruby Marie Patterson, Helen E. Strong, Elsie M. Devine, Alma Louise Burns and Sallie Harris Griggs passed away.

May 16 – Joseph W. “Joe” Ferns, Carl William Mooney and William “Bill” Howard Norris passed away.

May 17 – Catherine Scott, Claudine E. Grimes and Constance M. Rinehart passed away.

May 18 – Kate Smith passed away.

May 19 – Fred L. Glanville passed away.

May 20/21 – Mildred Marie Kunkel passed away.

May 22 – Myrtle I. Stainbrook, Haelie Alison Willa Springer and Juanita Keller passed away.

May 23 – Juanita Keller and Kermit Neal “Cookie” Chase passed away.

May 24 – Floyd E. Weldin, Ida Maxine rump and Kermit Neal “Cookie” Chase passed away.

May 25

May 26 – Bonnietta Fern Anderson, Frances Emma Evans and Otto Raymon Schroeder passed away.

May 27/28

May 30 – Joseph Melvin Petty, Charles E. Vaughn, Lewis R. Pollom, Gilford A. Diamond, Jr. and Patrick L. O’Neill passed away.

May 31 – G. A. “Jr.” Diamond, Patrick L. O’Neill, Lewis R. Pollom, Charles “Charlie” Fredrick Rockers, Willma E. Wood, Eleanor Alice Laury and Otto Raymon Schroeder passed away.

June 1 – Joseph W. “Joe” Ferns passed away.

June 2 – Geneva F. Trickett, Wilber J. “Bud” Burgoon and Evan Eugene “Gene” Evans passed away.

June 5 – Timothy L. “Tim” Toumberlin, Jr., Betty R. Hiestand, Louise L. Miles, Kay L Haskins and Jeanette D. “Jan” Wallace passed away.

June 6 – Jeanette D. “Jan” Wallace and Leonard H. Rues passed away.

June 7 – Leonard H. Rues, Willa Mae Guliford, Fanchion Pitman Dickson and Ruth Irene Murphy passed away.

June 9 – Saundra Sue Robbins passed away.

June 10/11 – Golda N. Casey passed away.

June 12 – Martha May (Kennard) Kramer, Maxine Philips, Lula Grey Belle Davis Forth, Orson S. Roberts, David R. Norris and Kyle J. Norris passed away.

June 13 – Florence Marie Blanchard and Irene W. Manly passed away.

June 14 – Charles Joseph “Joey” Bolendeer, Jr., Hal Mark Gander and Elaine Wells Frank passed away.

June 15 – Barbara A. Shields and Zula L. Sawyer passed away.

June 16 – Grace M. (Van-Horn) Prater and Zula L. Sawyer passed away.

June 17/18 – Zula L. Sawyer passed away.

June 19 – Hadley H. Voigts, John Michael “Mike” Donley and Barbara A. Laiter passed away.

June 20 – Barbara A. Laiter, Dorothy Frances Riggs, Traibeon La’Keith Wheeler, John M. Noe and Nettie M. Moskau passed away.

June 21 – Roger M. Waggy passed away.

June 22 – Roger M. Waggy and Erma M. Hiatt passed away.

June 23 – Erma M. Hiatt passed away.

June 24/25 – Ida P. Beasley, Erma M. Hiatt and Brian Keith Buckley passed away.

June 26 – Brian K. Buckley, William W. Coe and John Clarence Hoffman passed away.

June 27 – Alta M. Welborn and Staci Lynn Poss passed away.

June 28 – Sherri Rana Eslick, Thelma Louise (Bowers) Snedaker and Eleanor Alice Laury passed away.

June 29 – John A. Hahn and Bob Ross passed away.

June 30 – John A. Hahn and Leta Belle Gonce passed away.

July 1/2 – Leta Belle “Jackie” Gonce and Kenny “Rodger” Teter passed away.

July 3 – Kenny “Rodger” Teter, Irene Rose Davis, Ralph Tawney, Anna Martin, Paul Clifton Ames and Elmer G. Dewey passed away.

July 5 – Elmo Gale White, Billy Charles Crider, Dr. Ralph R. Robinson and Dorothy M. Dillard passed away.

July 6 – Matthew A. Terry passed away.

July 7 – Dr. Ralph Robinson and Carl Snyder passed away.

July 8/9 – Ruth Louise (Norton) Wilson passed away.

July 10 – Carl Snyder, Grover A. (Al) Morgan, Norbert Wuckowitsch, Everett “Dusty” Rhoades and Scott Michael Johnson passed away.

July 11 – Everett “Dusty” Rhoades, Carl Snyder, Earl Leslie “Les” Elliott, Rev. Gerald V. Williams and Margaret Mary Gast passed away.

July 12 – Margaret M. Gast, Rev. Gerald V. Williams and Frances W. Shaw passed away.

July 13 – Cecil G. Penry and David Wehrly Shannon passed away.

July 14 – Helen M. Stevenson, Gregory Alan Clevenger and Gary Byron Clay passed away.

July 15/16 – Catalina Jimenez, Marjorie E. Clark and Gary B. Clay passed away.

July 17 – Myrtle O. Reams, Pauline VanLandingham, Florence E. Osborn, David A. Reekie, Sharon M. Wise, Patrick M. Miller, Helen Kirkland and Opal Marie Keitel passed away.

July 18 – Helen Ida Kirkland passed away.

July 19 – Everett W. Donley passed away.

July 20 – Everett W. Donley, Dorothy Clara Martin and Lois M. Ellis passed away.

July 21 – Lois Marie Ellis passed away.

July 22/23 – Ike Harold White and Earle C. Blair passed away.

July 24 – Earle C. Blair, John M. Hedrick, Kolton Taylor Mathia and Larry Eugene Doudna passed away.

July 25 – Gladys E. Sleppy and Kenneth B. Carson passed away.

July 26 – Betty Jane Swallow passed away.

July 27 – Robert Miller “Andy” Anrig passed away.

July 28 – Lloyd M. “Buddy” Crain, Jr., E. Mildred Boots and Lloyd William Bachelor, Jr. passed away.

July 29/30 – Charlene “Granny” Dusin passed away.

July 31 – Arzetta Fay Morgan, Beatrice “Bea” O’Connor, Lena Pearl Craven, Mildred E. (Madl) Butell, Leona Wheeler, Jeremy “Jake” Powell and Kenny “K. K.” Highberger passed away.

Aug. 1 – Lena Pearl Craven, Althea Taylor, Thelma Hermann, Elizabeth May Wheeler, Marie G. Robbins and Orville Sawin passed away.

Aug. 2 – Elizabeth May Wheeler, Madeleine Viola Wyrick, Nelson Eugene Blow and Thelma Hermann passed away.

Aug. 3 – Thomas D. Corum passed away.

Aug. 4 – Andrew Chilson Jr., Verna Lucille New, Sherry L. Garrett and Emmett Lindsay passed away.

Aug. 5/6 – Sherry L. Garrett and Emmett Lindsay passed away.

Aug. 7 – Neil J. Jessen, Mary M. Huettenmueller and Richard James Davis passed away.

Aug. 8 – Jonathan Warren Davidson, Virginia L. Burkdoll, Lena May Hicks, Viola R. Dodd and Lena V. Gillett passed away.

Aug. 9 – Virginia L. Burkdoll, Lena V. Gillett, Richard James Davis and Grace G. Wedman passed away.

Aug. 10 – Grace G. WEdman, Fern E. Andrews and Nora Josephine McNabb passed away.

Aug. 11 – Nora Josephine McNabb, Robert “Bob” Allen Branson, Betty Marie Schuler, Charlie B. Schuler Jr., Lucille Neis, Laura Vogel and Joan P. Key passed away.

Aug. 12/13 – Jeanette “Jane” Loraine Larson, Lucille Neis, Laura Vogel, Joan P. Key and Nora Etta Evans passed away.

Aug. 14 – Harold F. Hensiek and Richard S. Dunn, Sr. passed away.

Aug. 15 – Opal E. West passed away.

Aug. 16 – Rachel Maxine Golladay and Nora Etta Evans passed away.

Aug. 17 – Gilbert M. Todd, Jeanine L. Christner and Rita Jean Clark passed away.

Aug. 18 – Jeanine Lee Christner, Rita Jean Clark and Gilbert M. Todd passed away.

Aug. 19/20 – Merton Marvin Berger, Charles H. “Charlie” Smiley, John Emmett Head and Virginia F. Huffman passed away.

Aug. 21 – Bill Ellis, Charles H. “Charlie” Smiley, Henio Manuel Hernandez and Jane Holcomb passed away.

Aug. 22 – David Joseph Smith, Brian Dwayne Katzer, John W. Rogers and Jane Holcomb passed away.

Aug. 23 – Albert Merle Johnson, David Joseph Smith, Helen J. Carpenter, Brian Dwayne Katzer and William Logan Cooper passed away.

Aug. 24 – Christopher Sass, Lloyd M. Bailey, Helen J. Carpenter, William Logan Cooper and Glen D. Humerickhouse passed away.

Aug. 25 – Christopher Sass and Nina Sonka passed away.

Aug. 26/27 – Glen D. Humerickhouse passed away.

Aug. 28 – Vertilla Teresa Brummel, Wm. Michael “Jr.” Coulter, Nina Sonka, Frances Wilma Bynum, Harold A. Crockett, Zelma Finney, William Marshal DeGuise and Glen D. Humerickhouse passed away. (The Ottawa Herald microfilm is out of order; this is located after the Aug. 29th paper)

Aug. 29 – Bernadine Elaine Ames Gassett, Harold A. Crockett, Jim Goracke and R. E. “Rosey” Roseberry passed away.

Aug. 30 – Glen E. Lederer and R. E. “Rosey” Roseberry passed away.

Aug. 31 – Lloyd Milton Barkis and Marjorie S. “Marge” Nolan passed away.

Sept. 2/3 – Carol Sue Prothe passed away.

Sept. 5 – Helen Sarah Kennedy, Alan Bresee Smith, Cambrynn Christine Greenfield and Lewis D. Cole passed away.

Sept. 6 – Wilber “Bill” George Edmonds, Marie Evelyn Johnson, Arden L. Warden and Josephine (Mora) Garcia passed away.

Sept. 7 – Josephine (Mora) Garcia, May Alexander and Betty Jean (Harris) Goad passed away.

Sept. 8 – Mary Ellen Burch and Charles Junior Turner passed away.

Sept. 9/10 – Mary Ellen Burch Ponte passed away.

Sept. 11 – Anne Taylor, Ralph Morgan and Pearl Mabel Davidson passed away.

Sept. 12 – Pearl Mabel Davidson, Ralph J. Morgan, Sally A. Marmon and Dorothy Cox Elliott passed away.

Sept. 13 – Shane Allen Wehage, Sally Anita Fagg-Marmon, Joanne Staley, Elaine Maxine Ferguson and Ethel L. Heth passed away.

Sept. 14 – Joanne Staley, Ethel L. Heth, Melvin Lorraine Henness, Loretta M. Day and Elaine Maxine Ferguson passed away.

Sept. 15 – Loretta M. Day, Riley Owen Wilson and James Owen “J. O.” Baxter passed away.

Sept. 16/17 – Loretta M. Day passed away.

Sept. 18 – Mary J. Welch, Leo B. Serrato and Joanne Staley passed away.

Sept. 19 – Florence May Steen passed away.

Sept. 20 – Leo B. Serrato, Thelma Cleo Phelps, Florence May Steen, Waldo T. Casida, Amparo Ybarra, Gilbert D. Gilges, Orville B. “O. B.” McNish and Marietta Roberts passed away.

Sept. 21 – Nellie Edna Reed, Amparo R. Ybarra, Orville B. “O. B.” McNish, Gilbert D. Gilges, Marieta Kay Roberts, Vivian Marie Farris Stone Gier and Victor E. Schlup passed away.

Sept. 22 – Retha Berniece Carney and M. Wanda Briggs passed away.

Sept. 23/24 – Constance Coffey and Ione Loraine Gibson passed away.

Sept. 25 – Reeta Farrell, Fred E. Tabor, Homer H. Schoepflin and Waldo T. Casida passed away.

Sept. 26 – Millard Rex Lewis and Marilyn Kay Bland passed away.

Sept. 27 – Margaret Elizabeth Shoger passed away.

Sept. 28 – Marjorie S. Eckel and Arlie B. Wood passed away.

Sept. 29 – Arlie Ballard Wood, David Wyman WIngert, Virgil E. “Buck” Pyle and Marjorie M. Hughes passed away.

Sept. 30/Oct. 1 – Joseph Willard White, Sr. and Marjorie M. Hughes passed away.

Oct. 2 – John Edward Doman, Jr., Ruby Switzer, Paul Singer, Jay G. Crawford, Kassey Ann Hays, Retha L. Sadler, Deanna Garcia and David Carl Meyerholtz passed away.

Oct. 3 – Deanna “Dee” Garcia, Edward P. “Ed” Wray and Margaret E. Kennedy passed away.

Oct. 4 – Ethelyn M. Ohlhausen, Margaret E. Kennedy and Viola M. Sieg passed away.

Oct. 5 – Viola M. Sieg, Jack R. Elder, Wilma Jean Hull, Deanna “Dee” Garcia and Margaret E. Kennedy passed away.

Oct. 6 – Viola M. Sieg, Jack R. Elder, Sr., Ernest L. Arnold, Vivian Elizabeth Fawl, Daniel Raymond Smith, Sr. and Jane Kramer passed away.

Oct. 7/8 – Dorothy Lottie, Jane Kramer, Noah Junior McReynolds and Jesse Randal Veburg passed away.

Oct. 9 – Jesse Randall Veburg, Winnie Jewel Parkison, Jane Kramer, Dorothy Rozella Lottie, Isabel Bennett, Katherine E. Fouts, Shirley Joan Gingerich, Virginia Madeline Wise Meek and Marjorie S. Reed passed away.

Oct. 10 – Isobel “Izzy” Bennett and Claude L. Fine passed away.

Oct. 11 – Richard Edward Lanier, Katherine E. Fouts and Edna M. Wimmer passed away.

Oct. 12 – James Wesley “Wes” Greenwood, Wilma Marie Schwarzkopf, Edna M. Wimmer, Veda Mae Wyatt, Guy F. Young, Jr. and Mary Hendrix passed away.

Oct. 13 – Guy F. “Boog” Young, Jr., Mary Hendrix, Frances Adele Barnhart, Wilma Marie Schwarzkopf, Katherine E. Fouts, Pablo Barron and Edna M. Wimmer passed away.

Oct. 14/15 – Ruth Elice Williams, Pablo Barron, Larence Wesley Fairman and Clifford Nutt passed away.

Oct. 16 – Gary A. Phillips, Pablo Barron, Clifford Nutt and Vada Niehaus passed away.

Oct. 17 – Denora June Edler, Theodore K. “Ted” Smith, R. Clayton Supernaw and Edith M. Johnston passed away.

Oct. 18 – Theodore K. “Ted” Smith, R. Clayton “Clate” Supernaw, Edith M. Johnston, Lillian Opal Wuckowitsch, Kathryn Huffman and Kittie C. Wilson passed away.

Oct. 19 – Evalyn June Shambaugh and Lillian Opan Wuckowitsch passed away.

Oct. 20 – Neives Dela Cruz, Kathryn Huffman, Evelyn Johnston, John H. Kramer, Creta L. Baxter, Carl R. “Rusty” Wisdom, Sr. and Ernestine A. Moody passed away.

Oct. 21/22 – Robert “Rob” Dean O’Malley, Clarence Edward Haslett and Juanita L. Bryan passed away.

Oct. 23 – Robert G. Coleman, Henry F. Crumb, Alpha Retha Goodnight, Nettie Mayfield Masenthin and Robert “Bob” Dean O’Malley passed away.

Oct. 24 – Earl E. Pickard, Patrick Dennis Adkinson and Edna M. Cleaver passed away.

Oct. 25 – Patrick D. Adkinson, Sr. and Jennie Kalb Thompson passed away.

Oct. 26 – Ina P. Fanning, Riley Owen Wilson, Melvin E. Beeghley and Marvin O. Calliham passed away.

Oct. 27 – Marvin O. Calliham, Oneita Hornbuckle, Melvin E. Beeghley, Wanda Joy Putthoff, Riley Owen Wilson, Larry R. Gray and Gladys A. Barnett passed away.

Oct. 28/29 – Melvin E. Beeghley passed away.

Oct. 30 – John W. Hook, John Milbern VanBuskirk, Esther E. Lancanster, Mae Elizabeth Shaffer, Kenneth W. Alexander, Kenneth Potter, Leo B. WEdman, Arland Hendrickson, Arlene Warren, Larry R. Gray and Marjorie A. Barnett passed away.

Oct. 31 – John W. Hook, Arlene Warren, Larry R. Gray, Kenneth Potter, Velmore Arland Hendrickson, Leo B. “Lee” Wedman and Kenneth W. Alexander passed away.

Nov. 1 – Essie Dorris, George H. Brummel and Anna A. Funk passed away.

Nov. 2 – George H. Brummel, Anna A. Funk, Dora C. Bay and Mary A. (Wilson) Staadt passed away.

Nov. 4/5

Nov. 6 – Dale C. Feeback, Kristofor Adam Orville Randel, Lamar N. Fowler, Michael Moore and Barbara M. Kresyman passed away.

Nov. 7 – Michael Lynn Kellerman, Barbara M. Kresyman, Vernon Alonzo Ellis and Anna Florence Burns passed away.

Nov. 8 – Pauline Morrison and Anton Earl Rassmussen passed away.

Nov. 9 – Bonnie B. Sutton, Elizabeth P. Baker and Anton Earl Rassmussen passed away.

Nov. 10 – Anton Earl Rasmussen, Elizabeth Pearl Baker, John Henry Dougherty and Loree Settles passed away.

Nov. 11/12 – Delores J. Justus passed away.

Nov. 13 – Norma S. Schoonover, Russell R. Nordyke and Gladys Irene Downey passed away.

Nov. 14 – Viola Bigham passed away.

Nov. 15 – Thomas Michael Feuerborn, Donna Goodwin, Gladys Irene Downey and Roberta L. Walquist passed away.

Nov. 16 – Gladys Irene Downey and Joe J. Ray passed away.

Nov. 17 – Gladys Irene Downey, Joe John Ray and Robert C. McLean passed away.

Nov. 18/19 – Pearl Barnhart, Mildred Bernice Somfleth, Inez Roberts, Robert L. Lingard, Sr. and Robert Lee “Bobby” Brewer passed away.

Nov. 20 – Vivian C. Johnson, Lois Laurene Stevenson, Robert L. Lingard, Sr., Patsy Ann “Pat” Catuska and Irvin A. Kitchen passed away.

Nov. 21 – Marion Kinney Tucker, Irvin A. Kitchen, Patsy Ann “Pat” Catuska, Orpha M. Baker and John T. Nicholson passed away.

Nov. 22 – John T. Nicholson, Neoma F. Fenton, Mildred Bernice Somfleth, Charles L. “Curly” Crable, Dallas Merle Wagner, Arthur E. Pierson, Gary Lee Motter and Russie June Harris passed away.

Nov. 24 – Charles L. “Curly” Crable, Russie June Harris, Gary Lee Motter, Martha E. Crouch, Neoma F. Fenton, Arthur Edward Pierson, Laurance G. Fowler, Mildred B. Somfleth, Betty J. Hamblin and Inez M. Fitzgerald passed away.

Nov. 25/26 – Donald Cornelius Meek, Betty Joann Hamblin, Neoma F. Fenton, Dallas M. Wagner, Inez Mae Fitzgerald and Martha E. Crouch passed away.

Nov. 27 – Everett H. “Red” Haslett, Inez Mae Fitzgerald, Martha Elizabeth Crouch, Luella “Lou” Ratliff, Maurice J. Peine, David L. Wittman, Albert Christian Schwarz and John E. Penny passed away.

Nov. 28 – John E. Penny and Arthur Edward Pierson passed away.

Nov. 29 – Juanita Fern Linn and Thelma Loretta Shoemaker passed away.

Dec. 1 – Anthony Slocum, Roger L. Bush and Roberta M. Elsasser passed away.

Dec. 2/3 – Roberta M. Elsasser, Roger L. Bush and Delena Kenyon passed away.

Dec. 4 – James Oliver Tinsley, Leota May Wycoff, Dorothy E. Lindsey, Anthony W. “Tony” Slocum, Col. Charles Powell Moore, Virginia Chappell and Iva Marie Wolf passed away.

Dec. 5 – Clyde R. Yakle, Iva Marie Wolf, Bertha G. Ogle and Helen Meyer passed away.

Dec. 6 – Iva Marie Wolf, Dr. Walter Leon Sullins and Bertha Grace Ogle passed away.

Dec. 7 – Maggie Lee Collins passed away.

Dec. 8 – Maggie Lee Collins, Alice J. “Feather” Kaiser, Edna Fay Adams and Marguerite Duncan passed away.

Dec. 9/10 – Alice J. “Feather” Kaiser, Maggie Lee Collins and Marguerite “Margaret” L. Duncan passed away.

Dec. 11 – Mildred Bernice Fogle, Francis Renzenberger, Bessie P. Larkin, Edna Fay Adams, Gene Kalb, Donald Joe Swallow and Veralee Schlagel passed away.

Dec. 12 – Gene Kalb, Charles E. Reed, Mildred Bernice Fogle and Mary C. Ray passed away.

Dec. 13 – Edna F. Adams and Mary C. Ray passed away.

Dec. 14 – Clyde M. Hesp, Donna Martin, Charlene M. Hildebrand, Dorothy Elizabeth Waring and Genevieve L. Arb passed away.

Dec. 15 – Genevieve L. Arb, Clement C. Behm, Eugene L. Cearfoss and Clarence E. Burns passed away.

Dec. 16/17 – Robert E. “Bob” Duncan, Eugene L. Cearfoss and Clarence E. Burns passed away.

Dec. 18 – Clarence E. Burns, Lillian A. Cornelius, D. Stephen Beckwith, Mark J. Hoskinson and John Franklin Laws passed away.

Dec. 19 – Norris Chestnut Haworth, Helen Cleo Cates, Lillian A. Cornelius, Clement Charles “C. C.” Behm and Anna Louise Bryan passed away.

Dec. 20 – Robert “Bob” Wellington, Anna Louise Bryan and Sadie Irene Holloman passed away.

Dec. 21 – George Edward Lambert, Winifred E. Martin, Arthur T. Rickerson, Mildred Marie Horton and Robert B. Wellington passed away.

Dec. 22 – Clara L. Cole, Edith Fredrick, Harold LeRoy Kolosik and Anna Fortner passed away.

Dec. 23/24 – Esther Marie Maichel and Anna Mae Violet Fortner passed away.

Dec. 26 – Marie Barnett and Bertha Mae McClanahan passed away.

Dec. 27 – John Henderson, Adeline A. James, Troy Young, Harold Dean Lundstedt, Eleanor Brockway and Robert B. Wellington passed away.

Dec. 28 – Eleanor Brockway, Troy Alan Young, O. B. Ford and Robert B. Wellington passed away.

Dec. 29 – Julia Olephine Petersen, Tommy J. Orender, Elizabeth A. “Betty Anne” Shannon and Mary L. Jackson passed away.

Dec. 30/31 – Mary L. Jackson, Tommy Jean “Tom” Orender and Lenoel “Lee” Parks passed away.



Jan. 2 – Leliah M. Farr, Carl Duane Hardesty, James M. Bell, A. E. Knoeppel and Rosetta Catherine Feuerborn passed away.

Jan. 3 – Rodney James Smith, Leliah M. Farr and Cassie Madden passed away.

Jan. 4 – Cassandra M. “Cassie” Madden, Bessie F. Neilson, Mary Elizabeth Wood and Lowell Arthur Gish passed away.

Jan. 5 – Mary Elizabeth Wood, Lowell Arthur Gish, Donald Gene “Toby” Cox, Velma M. Keelin, Kenneth E. Smith and Virginia Ruth “Ginny” Bray passed away.

Jan. 6/7 – Pearl Wedeman and Velma M. Keelin passed away.

Jan. 8 – Birdie May Macy, Pearl Wedeman, Pamela S. Crable, Lillie Dickerson and Nancy L. Newsome passed away.

Jan. 9 – Nancy L. Allen Newsome, Pamela S. Crable, Lillie J. Dickerson and Beatrice Gilner passed away.

Jan. 10 – Beatrice “Bea” Theresa Gilner, Wilma Hudelson and Patsy Mundy passed away.

Jan. 11 – Patsy I. Mundy, Beatrice “Bea” Theresa Gilner and Fayetta R. Pinney passed away.

Jan. 12 – Fayetta R. Pinney passed away.

Jan. 13/14 – Fayetta R. Pinney passed away.

Jan. 15 – Jean E. Hays, Mildred Julia Vaughn, Mabel E. Rodgers, Addie Louise Hollingsworth and Marjorie LaVerne March passed away.

Jan. 16 – Nellie Marie Shoemaker and James Lee Wood passed away.

Jan. 17 – Sina Vera Hawley, Earl Leon Clary and Audrey Lorene Catuskas passed away.

Jan. 18 – Beulah T. THummel, Kenneth H. Cooper, Audrey Lorene Catuskas, James Clinton Robertson, Zelda L. Marks and Amelie Magrath passed away.

Jan. 19 – James E. Mauszycki, Charles William “Chuck” Chilcote, Lois M. Galloway, John Woodrow Gilliford, Sr., Amelie Magrath and Cleo F. Lafollette passed away.

Jan. 20/21 – Herbert Warren, Sr., Edith Nora Matthews and Lucille Reed passed away.

Jan. 22 – Elbert Carl “Mac” McCormick, Raymond Moses and Virginia Lee Chatelain passed away.

Jan. 23 – Maxine Shirley Eagle, Cecil E. “Red” Caylor and Wesley Dale Skilling passed away.

Jan. 24 – Glen Dale Jones, Vilena M. Oakes and Amanda Dawn Stegner passed away.

Jan. 25 – Wesley Dale Skilling and Billy Williams passed away.

Jan. 26 – Leonard Hermreck, Billy Joe Williams, Tommy Lee Raymond and Darlene Lear passed away.

Jan. 27/28 – Carol Joyce Strode, Darlene Lear and Olive M. Athey passed away.

Jan. 29 – Darlene Lear, Delores E. Motelet and Roger Allen Reusch passed away.

Jan. 30 – Grace Agnes Dilworth, Daniel F. Toumberlin and Abbie Emma (Laughlin) Lidikay passed away.

Jan. 31 – William F. “Bill” Shilling passed away.

Feb. 1 – Theda Rosalee Foltz, Nellianna B. Brown, Anna L. Kaiser, Charles Beissel, I. Lyle Fackler and Joe Reed passed away.

Feb. 2 – Joe Reed, Nellianna B. Brown, Anna Laura Katzer, Charles Beissel and Isabel Hernandez passed away.

Feb. 3/4 – Isabel Hernandez passed away.

Feb. 5 – Wilma A. Overstreet, Donald Ketih Burkhart, Gordon W. Barnes and Daniel F. Toumberlin passed away.

Feb. 6 – Edna Mae Baker, Wallace LeRoy Piper and W. E. “Bill” Wiscombe passed away.

Feb. 7 – Maxine Joyce Jessen, Cecelia Ann Beatty, Velda L. Gerth and Wallace LeRoy Piper passed away.

Feb. 8 – Fayne Caylor, Velda L. Gerth, Vanita M. Jones and Clarence Taylor passed away.

Feb. 9 – Vanita M. Jones, Clarence Taylor, Fayne Caylor, Margaret A. Hay and Merle John “Jack” Sawin passed away.

Feb. 10/11 – William R. “Bill” Hall, Vanita M. Jones and Pamela Gail Hadsall passed away.


Feb. 12 – Loretta Kay Gordon, Verlena H. Buckner, Frank Shearer, Clarence F. Taylor, Robert J. Prim and Merle John “Jack” Sawin passed away.

Feb. 13 – Frank N. Shearer, Ruby Viola Miller and Glenn G. Geiss passed away.

Feb. 14 – Verlena H. Buckner, Ethel Irene Poage, Olive J. Ingraham and Ralph M. Hodgden passed away.

Feb. 15 – Richard Douglas Aubrey, Martin F. Bauer, Glenn Gaylord Geiss, Olive J. Ingraham and Ola Mae Harden passed away.

Feb. 16 – Judith “Jackie” Adell Davidson, Ralph M. Hodgden and Lynn C. Fouts passed away.

Feb. 17/18 – Lynn C. Fouts and M. Evan McKoon passed away.

Feb. 19 – Clifford Burgoon, Frederic Levi Showalter, Elra James Debrick and Trevor Arthur Leeker passed away.

Feb. 20 – Anna Robinson, Oliver J. Bird and Obed W. Harmonson passed away.

Feb. 21 – A. Lucille Robinson, Obed W. Harmonson, Clarence Wesley Traul, Charles K. Perry, Jeri Ellen Hays and Oliver J. Bird passed away.

Feb. 22 – Cyril E. Sanderson and Violette Marie Penny passed away.

Feb. 23 – Jesse A. McCartney passed away.

Feb. 26 – Elmer James Morris, Raymond V. Stevens, Durward T. Hines, Bruce WElton and Cleo Pearl Franklin passed away.

Feb. 27 – Naomi Wood and Erwin I. Hull passed away.

Feb. 28 – Penny Lee Powell, Kathy Ann Prothe, Naomi Wood and Juanita F. Allison passed away.

Mar. 1 – Ruth Spohn Welsh, Jesse Roberts and Florence Roberts passed away.

Mar. 2 – Mary Lee Kreitler, Melissa Lynch and Fern Horn passed away.

Mar. 3/4 – Theodore Van Valkenburg, Norma Blanco, Maxine M. Jones and Homer A. Staadt passed away.

Mar. 5 – John D. Robertson, Debra Jo Plank, Claude F. Landess, Karen Sue Herin, Karen L. (Price) Flohrschutz, Robert Dean Schulp, Ruth Shannon, Norma E. “Marty” Blanco, James Edward Lee Tucker and Eschol Elsie Mannen passed away.

Mar. 6 – Robert Dean Schlup, John Deal Robertson, Homer Ackerly Staadt, Sylvia J. Lohman, Erma June Dillon and Helen Eunice Buck passed away.

Mar. 7 – Donald Joe Swallow, Betty Jane Swallow, Helen Eunice Buck, Erma June Dillon, Dean Peters, Delbert R. Williams and Rev. Gary W. Johnson passed away.

Mar. 8 – Helen Eunice Petit Buck, Delbert R. Williams, Samuel Jefferson Matkins, Michael “Mick” Briscoe and Sylvia J. Lohman passed away.

Mar. 9 – Samuel C. Hill passed away.

Mar. 10/11 – Mabel Bessie Carpenter, Russell H. Collins and Gene Paul Rathbun passed away.

Mar. 12 – Florence Waldo Walter, Mildred M. Satterlee, Doris M. Maynard, Alice E. Atchison and Sarah Bernice Day passed away.

Mar. 13 – Alice Atchison, Charles M. Suffron, Sarah “Bernice” Day, Bill Tellier, Edith Helena Strobel Harrison and Chester Clayton passed away.

Mar. 14 – Chester Clayton, Alice M. Rhoads, James O. McCDleary, Kenneth Porter and Marjorie P. Jefferis passed away.

Mar. 15 – Merle L. Bayless, Marjorie P. Jefferis and Kenneth E. Porter passed away.

Mar. 16 – Barbara Elizabeth Hicks passed away.

Mar. 17/18 – Bonita “Corky” Gaile Lyons passed away.

Mar. 19 – Edgar Ray Warner, David W. Allen and Bonita “Corky” Gaile Lyons passed away.

Mar. 20 – Rita Y. Powers, Clifford B. “Cliff” Head and Louise Scott passed away.

Mar. 21 – Clifford B. “Cliff” Head and Ethel Lucille Malicky passed away.

Mar. 22 – Ida Louise Spencer and Clarence “Dusty” Pleasant Rhodes passed away.

Mar. 23 – James Howard Cochran and Judy Hutchinson passed away.

Mar. 24/25 – Judy Hutchinson passed away.

Mar. 26 – Alyn “Ike” Kendall, Mary Louise Young, Mark Heuberger, Inez Pearl Lee, Mamie Edna Sowers, Anna Marie Hill, Anna K. Hey, Marjorie Coffman and Marjorie Kate McCune passed away.

Mar. 27 – Mark Heuberger, Anna Marie Hill, Helen Florence Warner and Charlotte Haynes passed away.

Mar. 28 – Anna K. Hey, Charlotte June Haynes, Golden W. Nelson and Angel Rene McCurry passed away.

Mar. 29 – Arthur Williams, Russell W. Kinnison, J. R. “Duke” Cheney, Angel Rene McCurry and Charlotte June Haynes passed away.

Mar. 30 – Arthur Williams, Russell Wade Kinnison and Walter “Brownie” S. Brown passed away.


Mar. 31/Apr. 1 – Margaret L. Richardson, Anna Gertrude Rice and William J. “Bill” Foxx passed away.

Apr. 2 – Wilma J. Garber, Judith A. Farrow, Allison Darrow Adams, Lela Wiggins and Ronald N. Barton passed away.

Apr. 3 – Lois L. McIntosh, Anna Marie Frevert, Ronald N. Barton, Judith A. Farrow and Charles Vance passed away.

Apr. 4 – Pauline M. Martin, Jerry Vincent Rice, Matilda Holman and Judith A. Farrow passed away.

Apr. 5 – Matilda Holman, William Judson “Jud” Goins and Phillip R. Killam passed away.

Apr. 6 – Joseph Marshall Church, James Monroe DaVatz and June Lutz passed away.

Apr.7/8 – Pauline M. Ballinger Martin passed away.

Apr. 9 – Cora Ann Adamson, Lora Haughn, Marian Elizabeth Wittenbrink, Wilda Jean Wright, Lorena Lani Mortenson, Ethel R. Randall, E. June Lutz and Robert Mook passed away.

Apr. 10 – Don Gordon, Wilda Jean Wright and Barbara Lee Snook passed away.

Apr. 11 – Barbara Lee Snook, Robert “Bob” Mook, Donald Ray Gordon, Wilda Jean Wright and Ruth Viola Ely passed away.

Apr. 12 – Verna Kahn, Helen Nadine Brown, Warren James Bitts, Dean Fockele and Ruth Viola Ely passed away.

Apr. 13 – Evert “Ed”Fink, Mark Sport, Ruth Viola Ely and Verna Kahn passed away.

Apr. 16 – Wilma J. “Jeanie” Scott, Jason Eugene Johnson, Laura Creveling, Harley V. Milliken, Clara C. Weigand, Ray D. Larrick and Ruth Viola Ely passed away.

Apr. 17 – Fannie Mae Yoder and Ray D. Larrick passed away.

Apr. 18 – Jessie Irene DeGarmo, Elizabeth M. Rocker and Clara Ann Hermreck passed away.

Apr. 19 – Clara Ann Hermreck, Elizabeth Margaret Rocker and Shirley Zook Dillon passed away.

Apr. 20 – Robert “Bob” Nelson Chambers and Ronald Everette Roberts passed away.

Apr. 21/22 – Eloise “Sunny” Larson and Ronald Everette Roberts passed away.

Apr. 23 – Allen W. Bishop, Harold R. Gahagan, Maurice Cooper, John Steve Garrett and Paul E. Wilson passed away.

Apr. 24 – Harold Gahagan and Cleo Betts passed away.

Apr. 26 – Pat Crawford, Cleo W. Betts passed away.

Apr. 28/29 – Charles William Vance and James Duffield passed away.

Apr. 30 – Raymond Lee Bishop, Warren James Bitts, James Lewis Duffield and Stephen D. Price passed away.

May 1 – Delane Bulmer, Edith G. Bonar, Clarence “Mac” D. J. McFadden and Galen Frederick Hunt passed away.

May 2 – Delane Dee Bulmer, Gaylord Lee Tribble, Dolores Lanel Fischer and Christopher Robert “Chris” Mohammed, Jr. passed away.

May 3 – Lyla Hines passed away.

May 4 – Lyla Hines and Harold Andrew Cherry passed away.

May 5/6 – Bessie L. Smith, Joe Edler, Robert “Bob” Lacey Curtis, Willis C. Dokos, Lyla Hines and Paul L. Autenrieth passed away.

May 7 – Frances H. Mauk passed away.

May 8 – Jessie Belle Thurston, Emma Edith Wolfe and James Earl “Jimmie” Peters passed away.

May 9 – Glen Earl Mowry, Glen Edgar Sites and Melissa Lee (Jones) Davis passed away.

May 10 – Melissa Lee (Jones) Davis, Glen Edgar Sites, Gary W. Davis, Clement Charles “C. C.” Behm, John Stratton Page and Madeline Kersley passed away.

May 11 – John Stratton Page, Jack Edward Serene and Lena Barnhart passed away.

May 12/13 – Brian Allen Reedy and John Stratton Page passed away.

May 14 – Sheperd L. “Shep” Collins, Lena Barnhart, Jack Edward Serene, Oleta F. Ross, Bobby G. Young, Harold “Sonny” Weiss and Brian Allen Reedy passed away.

May 15 – Doris Darlene Scraper, Jacquelyn E. Drake, Harvey Pfizenmaier and Marjorie Jones passed away.

May 16 – Brian Allen Reedy, Jacquelyn “Jackie” Drake, Shannon Lucile Martin, Marjorie Jones, Oren L. “Jack” Corwine, Mildred F. Backus, Donald “Slim” Averill and Oleta F. Ross passed away.

May 17 – Mildred F. Backus and Shannon Lucile Martin passed away.

May 18 – Helen N. “Suze” Alsbury passed away.

May 19/20 – Juanita Viola Probasco, Omer C. Wilper, Bertha Nadine Reser, William Clinton “Clint” Garst and Paul Lee Higginbottom passed away.

May 21 – John A. Abell, Omer C. Wilper, Jessie Lee Zornes, Alvin L. “Al” Spaulding and Helen N. “Suze” Alsbury passed away.

May 22 – Leroy Hedges, James “Jim” Bowen, Geraldine Belle Kaff, Thomas D. Tyson and Alvin L. “Al” Spaulding passed away.

May 24 – Meribeth Louise Tatum, Audrey L. Catuska, Shirley L. Davis and Ferrol L. Baxter passed away.

May 25 – Ferrol L. Baxter, Mary Etta Horst, Robert Glen Wilson and Willis W. Andrews passed away.

May 26/27– Cora Virginia Jones Simons and Donald “Don” Clyde Chambers passed away.

May 29 – Ruth Marie Warner, Vivian Powers, James J. Yokum, William H. “Bill” Butts, Alvena E. Hoefler, Gertrude E. Harper and Ellsworth W. Peters passed away.

May 30 – Rena F. “Tina” Rea, Goldena Margaret Gilbert and Ellsworth William Peters passed away.

May 31 – Leo Robert Gamache, Alvena E. Hoefler, Kenneth Earl “Buck” Gilliland, Gertrude Tillman Lutz Harper, Ed Manwiller, Clarence L. Horst and Max Kepple passed away.

June 1 – Tanya Dee (Winters) Grooms, Robert “Bob” Lee Sharp, Laurine M. Kersch, Ruth Mildred Luchinske, Edward Arthur Manwiller, Clarence L. Horst, Terry D. Saffer and Harry Wood passed away.

June 2/3 – Terry Dean Saffer, Harry M. “Woody” Wood Jr., Max Dean Kepple and Clarence L. Horst passed away.

June 4 – Mary Marie Mader, Lillian L. Lantis and Niccole Thompson passed away.

June 5 – Lillian L. Lantis, Wilfred R. Edwards and Mary Marie Mader passed away.

June 6 – Niccole R. Thompson passed away.

June 7 – Terry Dean Saffer passed away.

June 8 – Dorothy H. “Dot” Crowley, Wilfred R. Edwards, Waneta Grace Parker and William Russell “Bill” Simpson passed away.

June 9/10 – Carolyn Sue “Kitty” Shields O’Dell, Maxine (Russell) Settles, Dorothy H. “Dot” Corwley and Wilfred R. Edwards passed away.

June 11 – Frances A. Stewart, Leslie “Jack” Martz and Gail Nitcher passed away.

June 12 – Gail O. Nitcher and Leslie “Jack” Martz passed away.

June 14 – Ferol Pribbenow, Wilma James, Richard “Dick” Robert Dorsey and Jodia Andrew Cole passed away.

June 15 – Michael F. Rogers and Jodia Alvin Cole passed away.

June 16/17 – Elmer Leroy Torneden passed away.

June 18 – Ralph Nichols, Mary A. Sluder and Keith P. Gutreuter passed away.

June 19 – Angel Lea Hart and Juanita McCool passed away.

June 20 – Axcie L. Birt, Lavonia Adee Bond, Juanita McCool and Mary A. Sluder passed away.

June 21 – Kevin J. Schulz, Bertha K. Wolf and Clarence A. Marlow passed away.

June 22 – Kevin J. Schulz, Clarence A. Marlow, Leona Jewel Johnson and Pauline M. Wright passed away.

June 23/24 – Pauline M. Wright, Horton E. Presley, Leona Jewel Johnson, Fredrica B. Wiliamson and Kevin J. Schulz passed away.

June 25 – Marguerite Robbins, Emma Jean Riley, Mervin Earl Barnes and Charles E. Ratliff passed away.

June 26 – Charles E. Ratliff, Sara Leslie (Williams) Andrasek, Marion Robert Williamson, Haley Nicole Grimm Parker, Alta Allen, Barbara Williams and W. L. “Mink” Minckley passed away.

June 27 – Ruby M. Millbern, Alta Allen, Michelle Lynn Santerle and Haley Nicole Grimm Parker passed away.

June 28 – Ruby M. Millbern, Glenn C. Woods and Charles Gale passed away.

June 29 – Glenn C. Woods, Charles Lee Gale and Edward G. Schwitters passed away.

June 30/July 1 – Barry Leon Meitler, Sr. and Erma Lee Sipp passed away.

July 2 – Ethel Belle Howard, Ronald D. Chambers, Mike Rogers, Fay Pearl Bush Fultz, Yvonne Helen McGhee and Lloyd Guy Merscham, Jr. passed away.

July 3 – Cleo Leroy Greenfield, Myron Ray “Mike” Rogers and Vernel Knopp passed away.

July 5 – John L. O’Neill Grace M. Houdashelt, Vermel “Tillie” ‘Tillery’ Knoop, Theresa C. Schweiger and Don Rhoades passed away.

July 6 – Donald James Rhoades, Velma R. Goodall, John L. O’Neill, Ethan F. “Ozzie” Osborn, Vernon Eugene Harvey and Helen Louise (McCabe) Harvey passed away.

July 7/8 – Margaret Virginia Dusharm and Mary Elder Brobisky passed away.

July 9 – Arlo E. Norton, Georgie M. Furrow, Harley E. Collins, Lola B. Turner, Velma Rose Cook Goodall, Jana L. McGovern and Theresa C. Schweiger passed away.

July 11 – Kenna Jolene Jones, Eugene R. “Wink” O’Brien, Carolyn B. Lyman, Norine May Soetaert, Richard Wayne Buchanan and Mary Elder Brobisky passed away.

July 13 – Raymond H. Crouch, Chris D. Gregg, Pauline A. Willford and Loren Orville Newkirk passed away.

July 14/15 – Sandra “Sandy” A. Leach, Loren Orville Newkirk, Pauline Ardelle Willford and Chris D. Gregg passed away.

July 16 – Beverly Ann Walstrom, Ricky Lyn Lamm and Loren Orville Newkirk passed away.

July 17 – Frances Ware Huls passed away.

July 18 – Ricky L. Lamm, Curtis E. “Gene” Stanley, Zella Mae Fleming and Lucile Robinson passed away.

July 19 – Lucile Robinson and Ricky L. Lamm passed away.

July 21/22 – Robert K. Kile, Ruth E. Allen and Carol May Wrench passed away.

July 23 – Michael Jason Drenkhahn, David Paul Brown, Ruth E. Allen, Norena Mathias, Kathryn Daganette, Thomas H. Moore and Leo Christopher Budke passed away.

July 24 – Carol May Wrench, Kathryn Dagenette, Leslie W. Clark and Doris S. Flora passed away.

July 25 – Lawrence “Larry” Teter and Doris June Held passed away.

July 26 – Elma Jane Braun passed away.

July 27 – Eleanor Joy Brooks, Louise D. Spillman and Louis Edward Yulich, Jr. passed away.

July 28/29 – Louise D. Spillman and Lola B. Shaw passed away.

July 30 – Betty Jo Spooner, Esther Van Winkle, Fred Anthony Wicke, Kenneth Dale Dunham and Dale G. Ward passed away.

July 31 – Betty Jo Spooner, Margaret P. “Patty” Buck and Mitchell F. “Mick” Casady passed away.

Aug. 1 – Mitchell F. “Mick” Casady passed away.

Aug. 4/5 – Geneva M. Bruner passed away.

Aug. 6 – Geneva M. Bruner, Erma Senith Adkins, Angela B. Weers, Lawrence “Larry” Dee Hime, Jack Dale Anderson and Joe McKerracher passed away.

Aug. 7 – Edna Alta Bond, Mary Blevins and Bill Starling passed away.

Aug. 8 – Mary L. Blevins, Blanch C. Wise and Dale Randall Armstrong passed away.

Aug. 9 – Thelma Elizabeth Ireland Detrick passed away.

Aug. 10 – Goldena Chilton and Dora Anna New passed away.

Aug. 11/12 – Goldena C. Chilton, Ernext F. “Ernie” Lowrance and Dora Anna New passed away.

Aug. 13 – Mary Katherine Pearson, Dora Anna New, Ernest F. “Ernie” Lowrance, Mary Maxine Downey, Olive L. Staadt and Richard A. Baldwin passed away.

Aug. 14 – Richard A. Baldwin, Walter Fredrick George Hahn, Lucille Carter and Asel H. June passed away.

Aug. 15 – Alladeen Mills, Lucille Caylor Carter, Grace Chilcote Saunders and Dorothy L. Denton passed away.

Aug. 16 – Inez Pauline Cade, Dorothy L. Denton and Leonard Beeson passed away.

Aug. 18/19 – Jeramie Allan Hurst, Wayne L. Baker and Cleda Mae Zumbrun Hahn passed away.

Aug. 20 – Charles William Snyder passed away.

Aug. 21 – Sarah Josephine Ruth Anderson, Billy Clevenger and Brandon L. Taylor passed away.

Aug. 22 – Fritz J. Kunkel, Marian E. Doudna and Oneta B. Macklin passed away.

Aug. 23 – Oneta B. Macklin and Marian E. Doudna passed away.

Aug. 24 – Matthew Evan Espinosa, Nora T. Mersman and Gale B. Smith passed away.

Aug. 25/26 – Rollin G. Cole, Dorothy Deane Watson and Barbara Ruth Williams passed away.

Aug. 27 – Rollin G. Cole and Calray W. “Cal” Walstrom passed away.

Aug. 28 – Calray W. “Cal” Walstrom and Randy Boswell passed away.

Aug. 29 – Evelyn L. Brill and George E. Powell passed away.

Aug. 30 – Kylar Logan Schlotzhauer passed away.

Aug. 31 – Ethiel V. Haley and Jimmie Dale “Jim” Reed passed away.

Sept. 1/2 – Ethiel V. Haley and Jillie Dale “Jim” Reed passed away.

Sept. 4 – Chris G. True and Alma V. Fine passed away.

Sept. 5 – Maxine Haworth passed away.

Sept. 6 – Maxine Haworth and Mabel Irene Cowart passed away.

Sept. 7 – Elsie P. Voelmeck, Peter R. Naber, Phyllis Elaine (Ashton) Pitman and Maxine Haworth passed away.

Sept. 8/9 – Elsie P. Voelmeck passed away.

Sept. 10 – Helen Louise Sackman, Faith Alexandria Chambers and Frances N. Henry passed away.

Sept. 11 – Frances N. Henry passed away.

Sept. 12 – Frances N. Henry passed away.

Sept. 13 – Myron A. Nelson and Juanita Lorine Lindsey passed away.

Sept. 14 – Mary Maxine Powell Morris passed away.

Sept. 15/16 – Myron A. “Mike” Nelson and Ben L. Duty passed away.

Sept. 17 – Ben L. Duty, Margie Ruth George and Bobbie Dale Foushee passed away.

Sept. 18 – William Thomas “Bill” Finical, Ann Davis Jensen, Kathryn Lou Harris Dalsing, and Bobbie Dale Foushee passed away.

Sept. 19 – Raymond Merle Carpenter passed away.

Sept. 20 – Melvin C. Sundstrom passed away.

Sept. 21 – Melvin C. Sundstrom, Hiram Cleveland Samsel, Jr. and Carroll B. Wells passed away.

Sept. 22/23 – Nancy Marie Broers-Philip and William D. “Bill” Martin, Sr. passed away.

Sept. 24 – Wiliam D. “Bill” Martin, Sr., Aethel W. “Jiggs” Wadkins and Lloyd F. Burkdoll passed away.

Sept. 25 – Lloyd Francis Burkdoll, Mildred L. Stiverson and Elsie Pearl Flory passed away.

Sept. 26 – Jessie Leota Hoy, Charles William Snyder, Winfred W. “Winnie” Maynard, Sr. and Elizabeth G. “Lis” Hesse passed away.

Sept. 27 – Shirley B. Rogers and Elsie Pearl Flory passed away.

Sept. 28 – Mildred Fern Campbell, David Lee McCullough and Donald M. Howard passed away.

Sept. 29/30 – David Lee McCullough, Sr. passed away.

Oct. 1 – Donald M. “Bus” Howard, Adell Warren Brecheisen, Fred H. Modlin, Ethel McCurdy, John Henry Casten and Sue Torneden-Nye passed away.


Oct. 2 – Charles Earl Hatfield and John Henry Casten passed away.

Oct. 4 – Cecilia Annetta Spooner passed away.

Oct. 5 – Cecilia Annetta Spooner, Carol L. Miller and Jerry Reighard passed away.

Oct. 6/7 – Lorraine M. Duncan and Jerry Reighard passed away.

Oct. 8 – David Feuerborn, Booker R. Hawes, Jr., Ervin Lee Cook, Joshua Shane Adams, Kaitlyn Brook Adams, Rick Bishop, Steven Lynn Fisher, Talmage L. Engles, Claron Harold Steward, Florence A. Mead, Glen Edward “Tuba” Tush and Dorothy Iona Turner passed away.

Oct. 9 – Joshua Shane Adams, Kaitlyn Brook Adams, Ernest P. Sink, Talmage L. Engles, Helen Lucina Gepner, Florence A. Mead, Claron Harold Stewart, Glen Edward “Tuba” Tush and Dorothy Iona Turner passed away.

Oct. 10 – Joshua Shane Adams, Kaitlyn Brooke Adams, Kaitlyn Brooke Adaams, Ernest P. Sink and Lynette Rasmussen passed away.

Oct. 11 – Darlene Bechtle, Anna Natalie Allman, Joshua Shane Adams, Kaitlyn Brooke Adams, Ernest P. Sink and Stuart Dale Hood passed away.

Oct. 12 – Darlene Bechtle, Thomas Thompson and Roy E. Herring passed away.

Oct. 13/14 – Roy E. Herring, Thomas D. Thompson, Yvonne L. Agnew and Thorald William “Bill” Keelin passed away.

Oct. 15 – Alvin A. Arnold passed away.

Oct. 16 – Irwin Ray Carroll, Helen Louise Sackman and Wilma A. Shipps passed away.

Oct. 17 – Alvin A. Arnold, Wilma A. Shipps, Ann Hopkins, Dola Agnella Sampson, Ethel Raborn and Martin J. Reiter passed away.

Oct. 18 – Martin J. Reiter, Ethel Raborn and Ann Hopkins passed away.

Oct. 19 – Mary A. Mitchell, Frank S. “Bus” Ward, Roy Joseph Huhn, Jr., Marcella Elizabeth Cartwright, Ruby Geraldine Dawson, Edna Winifred Fox and Harold S. Novack passed away.

Oct. 20/21 – Mary A. Mitchell, Ann Hopkins, Roy Joseph Huhn, Jr. and Frank S. “Bus” Ward passed away.

Oct. 22 – Samuel J. “Sam” Anspaugh, Jordan McKenzie Pressler, Wesley L. Jensen, Mary A. Mitchell, Gretchen Smith Schmit and Victor W. Rose passed away.

Oct. 23 – Alfred Vanderslice, Alberta A. “Bert” Burns and Beverly Marie Phares passed away.

Oct. 24 – Alberta A. “Bert” Burns, Victor W. Rose, Dorothy Lou Reynolds Lewis and Vivian Elizabeth Green passed away.

Oct. 27/28 – Alberta A. “Bert” Burns passed away.

Oct. 29 – Dorothy Irene Dial, Wilda Kathleen White and Barbara Joyce Moore passed away.

Oct. 30 – Alma K. Throckmorton and Barbara Joyce Moore passed away.

Oct. 31 – Doris Bethell, Mary Ann McDonald, Alma K. Throckmorton, David Lee Hayden and D. Lee Elder passed away.

Nov. 1 – Blanche E. Spencer, Doris Bethell and Mary Ann L. McDonald passed away.

Nov. 2 – Eleanor Elizabeth Fitch Saxton Taylor passed away.

Nov. 3/4 – Cleo Callow passed away.

Nov. 5 – Alvin R. Miller, Jr., Iva M. Curby, Naomi P. “Peggy” Ebeck, Virgil Irene Brown, Ricky Durboraw and Caleb Brown passed away.

Nov. 6 – Ricky Durboraw, Caleb Brown, Cleoria Mae Callow, Naomi P. “Peggy” Ebeck, Gene Walton Mavity and Iva M. Curby passed away.

Nov. 7 – Kathleen Marie Lickteig Wiesner passed away.

Nov. 8 – Betty Louise Reynolds, Marvin D. Durbin and Ellen Jewell “Judy” Pierson passed away.

Nov. 9 – Marvin D. Durbin, Marion Azalla Brabb Zimmerman, Wanda Lucille Hodges Scott and Eileen Evelyn Jackson passed away.

Nov. 10/11 – Nora M. Woolley passed away.

Nov. 12 – Ellen Jewell “Judy” Pierson, Nora M. Zentner Woolley, William Allen, Chuck Winters, Sr. and Clifford “Tiny” Dempsay passed away.

Nov. 13 – Chuck Winters, Sr., Vern Morrison, Patrick Eagleson, William “Bill” Ira Allen and John E. Hooge passed away.

Nov. 14 – Steve H. Roberts and Mathew Wayne Van Vleck passed away.

Nov. 15 – Eleanor Marie “Ellie” Smith, Jean Lindsay Watkins and Jennie L. Niehaus passed away.

Nov. 16 – Eleanor M. Ellie” Smith, Jay Ward Smith, M. D., Calvin Gideon Dexter and Forrest “Gene” Lantz passed away.

Nov. 17/18 – Jay Ward Smith passed away.

Nov. 19 – Laura Lee Livingston passed away.

Nov. 20 – Louis Hultz Vertrees, Anna Marie Morrison and Laura Lee Livingston passed away.

Nov. 21 – Mildred Myers Watts and Linda Williams passed away.

Nov. 23 – Terry Ray Baker, Janice M. Guthrie, Linday Kay (Boomer) Williams and James Albert Hadsall passed away.

Nov. 24/25 – Gale D. Sawyer, Linda Kay (Boomer) Williams, Lou Ellen Cantrell and Doris Marie Humphreys passed away.

Nov. 26 – Dorothy Ethel Binns, Marjorie L. McCready, Lou Ellen Cantrell, Sharon Baugher, Mabel Bertram and Evan Oliver “Pat” Hitch passed away.

Nov. 27 – Juanita Pearl Timblin, Sharon Baugher, Mabel C. Bertram, Helen D. Skilling and Donald Falls passed away.

Nov. 28 – Charles Lee McGuire, Helen D. Skilling, Donald Morton Falls and Randy Gene Burton passed away.

Nov. 29 – Grace D. Likens, John Edward Dahl, Ronald “Ron” Gardner Reed and Helen V. (Nisely) Lalman passed away.

Nov. 30 – Merle J. (Elliott) Brown, Lucille M. Martin, Willis Harold McQueary and Harriet “Pixie” Larios passed away.

Dec. 1/2 – Clyde “Rusty” Mitchell passed away.

Dec. 3 – Victor L. Morrison passed away.

Dec. 4 – Homer “Ernie” E. Baker, Helen Fern Rappard and John Kersey passed away.

Dec. 5 – John A. Kersey and Barbara June Needham passed away.

Dec. 6 – Dorothy Anderson, Loran Wayne Casebolt, Viola M. King, Steven Lloyd Ryan and Kenneth D. Cuadra passed away.

Dec. 7 – Floyd Charles “Chuck” Butel, Jr., Wayne Casebolt, Dorothy Anderson and Viola M. King passed away.

Dec. 8/9 – Howard E. Selk passed away.

Dec. 10 – Geraldine A. Kueser and Donald E. Martin passed away.

Dec. 11 – Donald E. Martin, Bill B. Karr and Hugh Scott Rolston passed away.

Dec. 12 – Dorothy V. Zickmund passed away.

Dec. 13 – Bessie Marie Pearce and Caroline “Carrie” Lucille Tush passed away.

Dec. 14 – Bessie M. Pearce passed away.

Dec. 15/16 – Ruth E. “Kelly” Swisher and Larry W. Bennett passed away.

Dec. 17 – Kevin Wayne Mosher, Evelyn Lorraine Schultze, Ruth “Kelly” Eckert Swisher, Donald I. Peterson and Jamie Lee Sadowski passed away.

Dec. 18 – Julius Howard Schultz and Theda Kepple passed away.

Dec. 19 – Julius Howard “Jude” Schultz, Theda C. Kepple, Arthur “Pete” Salsbury, Milton George Prothe, Donald I. Peterson and George V. Louderback, Sr. passed away.

Dec. 20 – George C. Louderback, Sr. passed away.

Dec. 21 – Kevin Douglas Watts passed away.

Dec. 22/23 – Wilbur Dean Kennedy and Diana Lynn Smith passed away.

Dec. 24 – Bruce S. Roush, A. Ernest “Beano” Hess, James H. (Buster) Barclay, Bernice E. Towne, Vyola “Vy” Smith and Kevin Douglas Watts passed away.

Dec. 26 – Lloyd Gladman passed away.

Dec. 27 – Lloyd Gladman, Dale Allen Currant, Thelma Grace Rand, Edward L. Winfrey and Thomas E. Michel passed away.

Dec. 28 – Dorothy Ellsworth Garrett, Margaret Jean “Peg” Capron, Joseph M. Escott, Jr., Eleanor Anna Walker and Vyola R. “Vy” Smith passed away.

Dec. 29/30 – Pearl I. Messick and Ada May Barrett passed away.

Dec. 31 – Walter Charles Artinger, Dorothy Stoneking, Dorothy E. Garrett, Kenneth Alexander Cunninham, Dorothy Dell Hicks and Margaret P. Calvert passed away.



Jan. 2 – Walter Charles Artinger, Dolores A. Bowley, Tobe J. Yoder, Cleo L. Hahn, Bonnie M. Johnson, Elizabeth D. Swenson, Veta L. Whiteley, Marvin L. Crawford and Juanita Isabel Gaswint passed away.

Jan. 3 – Evelyn Denker, George Bowman, Vera B. Reed, Dolores A. Bowley, Bonnie Melton Johnson, Paul Lee Gillenwater, Lucy Belle Hoffecker, Walter Charles Artinger and Elizabeth D. Swenson passed away.

Jan. 4 – George V. Bowman, Clifford W. Carey, Vera B. Reed, Elmer R. Robinson, Harold W. Ryan, Ruth Lillian Patty and Lillian Marie Bartlett passed away.

Jan. 5/6 – Ira K. Mills and Clifford W. Carey passed away.

Jan. 7 – Blanche L. Pinet and Norman Elmer Kennard passed away.

Jan. 8 – Violet B. Wills passed away.

Jan. 9 – Andrew Jay “Andy” Meyer, Violet B. Wills and William E. “Bill” Bayer passed away.

Jan. 10 – William E. “Bill” Bayer and Noah D. Plank passed away.

Jan. 11 – Dianne Robinson Rogers and William E. “Bill” Bayer passed away.

Jan. 12/13 – Dorothy Y. Wilson, Roger Dale Randel, Sr. and Faye L. Baughman passed away.

Jan. 14 – Dorothy Y. Wilson, Walter C. “Walt” Potter, Frank Morgan, Celia Janice Wichman, Dr. Robert Scott “Bob” Raymond, Leonard A. Katzer, L. Lois Dowell and Norma Huffman passed away.

Jan. 15 – Frank L. Morgan, Celia Janice Wichman, Thelma Naomi McClure, Dewayne H. Lofgreen and Sharon Anne Ellis McElroy passed away.

Jan. 16 – DeWayne Lofgreen, Bed H. Cuadra, Dr. Robert Scott “Bob” Raymond and Sam Lankard passed away.

Jan. 17 – Sam D. Lankard passed away.

Jan. 18 – Jean Kendall passed away.

Jan. 21 – Harold D. Unruh, Roy B. “Bo” Dixson, Edith Catherine Elston and Louise Juanita Edwards passed away.

Jan. 22 – Mary Matilda Lemon and Roy B. “Bo” Dixon passed away.

Jan. 23 – Anthony Hamilton, Sr., Mary Matilda Lemon, Dorothy Ethel Binns and Louise Juanita Edwards passed away.

Jan. 24 – Louise Juanita Edwards, Anthony Hamilton, Sr. and Donald J. “Don” Shepherd passed away.

Jan. 25 – Thelma Snowbarger, Earnest A. Christie and William “Bill” Cowart passed away.

Jan. 26/27 – Earnest A. “Earnie” Christie passed away.

Jan. 28 – Thelma Snowbarger, Faye Viola Cole, Edith Hill and John Porter Bell, Jr. passed away.

Jan. 29 – John Porter Bell, Richard Arnesman, Winona Josephine Ginavan and Edith Heilman Hill passed away.

Jan. 30 – Homer L. Smith, Winona Josephine Ginavan, Clare Stoner, Ruth L. Shotts, Mildreda Idelia Winters, Marlow R. Graber, Edward (Mac) McDaniel Akins, Aloysius (Al) Loehr, V. O. “Red” Schultz and Glen Kalb passed away.

Jan. 31 – V. O. “Red” Schultz, Saraye Pearline Palmer and Ruth Lizabeth Moore passed away.

Feb. 1 – Ralph James Dyer and Michaela Lynne Ortiz passed away.

Feb. 4 – Claude Beldon Fouts, Jack Sly, Jr., Evelyn Scott Dills and Mark E. O’Banion passed away.

Feb. 5 – Dorothy E. Province, Kathleen Erma Sweetwood, Della Ann Law and Blanche Irene Dryden passed away.

Feb. 6 – Claude Beldon “Bud” Fouts and Jeffrey Charles Marmon passed away.

Feb. 7 – Katherine Imogene Latimer passed away.

Feb. 8 – Ralph Y. Lidikay, Jeff C. Marmon, Terry R. Waddell, Earl Dean Hunsaker, Andrea Lea Allender, Jenna B. Sells and Dorothy J. Weirich passed away.

Feb. 9/10 – Jetta B. Sells, Earl Dean Hunsaker, Andrea Lea Allender and Dorothy Fern Koontz passed away.

Feb. 11 – Codi Renee Soper, Edith Mae Benedict, Elizabeth Anna Rhoades, Neva L. Roberts, Elvira “Vera” M. Samyn and Ethel L. Hastings passed away.

Feb. 12 – Ethel Lorrane Hastings, Susan Sassaman, Neva L. Roberts and Gene L. Steelman passed away.

Feb. 13 – Mark E. O’Banion and Gene L. Steelman passed away.

Feb. 14 – Ray Mitchell Hall and Frank Schuster passed away.

Feb. 15 – Frank P. Schuster, Lester R. Deay and James “Cree” McDaniels passed away.

Feb. 16/17 – James “Cree” McDaniels, Charles “Chuck” Walters and Betty Wilson passed away.

Feb. 18 – Betty J. Wilson, Ruth Raab, Donald Raymond Mathia, Katherine Nadine Snodgrass and Isabelle Z. Dodson passed away.

Feb. 19 – Isabella Z. Dodson, Autie Mae Jones and Katherine Nadine Snodgrass passed away.

Feb. 20 – Frances P. “Buckshot” Mallicoat, Ernest Hornberger and Lorena Fewins passed away.

Feb. 21 – Lorena E. Fewins, Ernest William Hornberger and Dr. Elizabeth J. “Betty” Maddy passed away.

Feb. 22 – Charles Wallace “Wally” Dumcum, Chester A. Furrow and Mabel Moris passed away.

Feb. 23/24 – Chester A. Furrow, Dr. Elizabeth J. “Betty” Maddy, Mabel A. Morris and Rev. Paul William Miller passed away.

Feb. 25 – Lee Edward Taylor, Benjamin F. Parks, Vincent Fugante, Nichole R. Johns and Vera Stencel passed away.

Feb. 26 – Vera Rose Stencel, Benjamin F. “Bennie” Parks and Carol L. Tindell passed away.

Feb. 27 – Carol Lucille Tindell, Mary Ann Henry and Peggy Harlene Brown passed away.

Feb. 28 – Mary Ann Henry, Florence P. Flesher, Miles J. DeVoe and Clavin “Jack” Randel passed away.

Mar. 1 – Calvin Henry “Jack” Randel, Florence P. Flesher and Helen M. Hogan passed away.

Mar. 2/3 – Helen M. Hogan, Miles Joseph DeVoe, Joseph William “Joe Bill” Hull passed away.

Mar. 4 – Virgil E. Harrison and Herbert H. Cromer passed away.

Mar. 5 – Herbert H. Cromer passed away.

Mar. 6 – Lillian A. Lucand, Carrol M. Blakeman and Teresa C. Scherman passed away.

Mar. 7 – Donald E. Blair, Carrol M. Blakeman, Teresa C. Scherman, W. D. “Dave” Bemmels, Marvoline Williams and Mary T. Arnett passed away.

Mar. 8 – W. D. “Dave” Bemmels, Marvoline “Toots” Williams, Clyde Berry and Misao Turley passed away.

Mar. 9/10 – Clyde L. Berry, Mary Frances Swallow, Charles H. Welborn, Agnes Fisher and Alma Demoret passed away.

Mar. 11 – Courtney Ray Anderson, Mary Frances Swallow, Roberta J. Adcock, Tom E. McLaughlin, Alma Fern Demoret, Carter A. Keith, Thomas “Tom” Alfred Meiers, Iva Fulkner and Harold R. Rhoades passed away.

Mar. 12 – Carter A. Keith passed away.

Mar. 13 – Robert Edmund Allen, G. M. Crumm and Ruby Velma Agnes Coffman passed away.

Mar. 14 – Louis J. Rockers, William Jennings Marks and Edward Francis Krekel, Jr. passed away.

Mar. 15 – William J. “Bill” Marks, James C. (J. C.) Carroll, Helen Morris, Tara L. Huss Emert, Ruby Pederson, Floyd E. Meier and Louis J. Rockers passed away.

Mar. 16/17 – Ruby Pederson, Floyd E. Meier and Roberta Grace Brown passed away.

Mar. 18 – Roy Baker and Floyd E. Meier passed away.

Mar. 19 – Galina Ivanovna Raper, Wilma Carlene Hay, Nina Hughes, John Biro, Nicholas Kratzberg, Grace Rose and Sarah “Leanna” Mahin passed away.

Mar. 20 – Grace A. Rose, Nicholas John KRatzberg, Geraldine Ritchie, Nina B. Hughes, Erick Lee Darr and John Biro passed away.

Mar. 21 – Juanita Ybarra, Melda Belle Einstein and Doris Anne Button Hamerman passed away.

Mar. 22 – Juanita Ybarra and Lois Dale Cady passed away.

Mar. 23/24 – Bertha K. Thompson and Carolyn “Carol” Baskett passed away.

Mar. 25 – Gayle I. Clark, Donald Richard Smith, Ralph J. Setter, Joyce Marie Atchison, Millie Earlene Weis, Doris Anne Button Hamerman and Misao Turley passed away.

Mar. 26 – Gayle I. Clark, Ruth W. Griffith, Adrian Graves, Raymond J. Mock and Harold Shomber passed away.

Mar. 27 – Joseph Raymond Mock, Richard “Dick” George Schwartz, Dorothy L. Deardorff, Gayle I. Clar and Harold Shomber passed away.

Mar. 28 – Pearl E. Nokes, William Hey and William Elmer Sutton passed away.

Mar. 29 – William Elmer Sutton, Pearl Ellen Nokes, Edna M. Whitworth and Gary Lee Franks passed away.

Mar. 30/31 – Edna M. Whitmorth and Freda Elizabeth Cole passed away.

Apr. 1 – Darlean Louise Steele, Maurine McPheeters, Dean Hoopes, Irene Carrier Peery, Betty Ellen Fritts, Thelma Morreale, Myrtle M. Parker, John L. Shenk and Lola M. Bailey passed away.

Apr. 2 – Myrtle M. Parker, John L. Shenk, Thelma L. Phillips, Richard Howard Day, Sr., Walter H. Randall, Agnes L. Brockus and Loren “Pete” Triplett passed away.

Apr. 3 – Loren “Pete” Triplett, Walter H. Randall, Myrtle M. Parker, Richard Howard “Dick” Day, Sr., May Steele, Alwyn Cecil “Walt” Settles and Thomas W. Johnson passed away.

Apr. 4 – Nicole M. Belt, May Steele, Michael Dean Brown and Milton John Niebrugge passed away.

Apr. 5 – James Yingling Hayes, May Steele and Clarence E. Keith passed away.

Apr. 6/7 – Clarence E. Keith, John Lederer and James Harold “Jim” Burgess passed away.

Apr. 8 – John Henry Lederer, Sr., June Kinsley, Leona Crawford, Lillian Fern Davolt, Gerald “Jerry” L. Law, Anthony J. Zuzzio and Marie Gilliland passed away.

Apr. 9 – Harry E. Hendrix, Daniel J. Sipp, Sr., Sharon Kay Stierwalt, June Kinsley, Marie Gilliland and Harley Alvin Kahle passed away.

Apr. 10 – Sharon Kay Stierwalt, Anthony “Tony” J. Zuzzio, Richard C. Hewitt and Mary M. Johnson passed away.

Apr. 11 – Richard Chester Hewitt passed away.

Apr. 12 – Richard Chester Hewitt, Royal “Dale” Mullen, Rachel A. Corbett and Myron Henry Paugh passed away.

Apr. 15 – Myron Henry Paugh, Kathryn A. Ulses, Ralph Lester Scott, Caroline Elizabeth Simpson, Sylvia Irene McCurdy, Mary M. Clark, Geraldine E. Boehle and Elizabeth E. (Oshel) Sedgwick passed away.

Apr. 17 – Mary M. Clark passed away.

Apr. 18 – Renna Franco passed away.

Apr. 19 – Leroy D. Dreier and Clem McGhee passed away.

Apr. 20/21 – Clem Everett McGhee and Todd F. Wray passed away.

Apr. 22 – Quentin T. Shogrin, Venita I. Tyson, Eddie L. Wright, Arthur Leonard Sparks, Keith N. Richards and Edna Louise Lindsley Koch passed away.

Apr. 23 – Keith Nolan Richards, Richard Baxter Bowden, III and Hunter Thomas Ryburn passed away.

Apr. 24 – Rawlin Kersten, Erica Gabrielle Dylan Seymour and Richard Baxter Bowden, III passed away.

Apr. 25 – Dianna (Dolly) F. Bryant passed away.

Apr. 26 – Bernard Lee Taylor and Opal Mae Phillips passed away.

Apr. 27/28 – Edna B. Kreusch passed away.

Apr. 29 – Donald Joe Stafford, Charlotte Ann Hagadorn, Delores Baldwin and Michael C. Higginbotham, Jr. passed away.

Apr. 30 – Andrew F. Scherman and Michael C. Higginbotham, Jr. passed away.

May 6 – Louise Reed VanHorn, Loraine Ice, Marvin Lee Waln, Hazel Viola Schlick and Frank Platt passed away.

May 7 – Robert Ellsworth Topping, Opal May Barkley, Louise Reed VanHorn and Joseph Caleb passed away.

May 8 – Marcy Lee Proctor passed away.

May 9 – Coleen Kay Babbitt and William L. Bingamon passed away.

May 10 – Lawrence A. Dyer passed away.

May 11/12 – Lawrence A. Dyer, Dr. Tomm Hobbs, Lola Mae Wallace and Darlene Catherine Byerley passed away.

May 13 – Wanda V. Dempsey, Elsie G. Young, Wilma Ruth Cushing and Katherine “Kathy” Martin passed away.

May 14 – Melba “Ruth” Rice, Elsie G. Young, Myra M. Miller and Bobbie Jo Pollard-Calcott passed away.

May 15 – Bobbie Jo Pollard-Calcott, Ruth Fern Johnson, Ervil Angell Thiel and Lloyd “Bud” G. Deitch passed away.

May 16 – Joseph William “Joe” Caleb, Billie G. Smith, Sr. and Anne W. Ransom passed away.

May 17 – Anne W. Ransom passed away.

May 18/19 – Billie G. Smith, Sr. and Charles “Everett” Whan passed away.

May 20 – Jack C. Haas, Elizabeth Lingenfelter, Wanda Rippy and Dortha May Ashburn passed away.

May 21 – Elizabeth Lingenfelter, Wanda Rippy, Dortha May Ashburn, Kelly Record and Besslouise Barry passed away.

May 22 – Hal William Swearingen, Wanda Rippy, Kelly Rae Record and George Lewis Sappenfield passed away.

May 23 – Robert Dale Rea passed away.

May 25/26 – Harry E. Murphy passed away.

May 28 – Leo Custer Storm, John Allison Bashor, Ben Junior Walburn, Elmer E. Moore, Jr., Selma Beth (Kassens) Smith, Earnest Paul Sherlock, Arthur Plank and Dwight T. Haworth passed away.

May 30 – Richard C. “Dick” Katcher, Meryl D. Coker and Aubrey W. Martin passed away.

May 31 – Chloe Ellen Hayes and Beverly Ann Branson passed away.

June 1/2 – Lawrence J. Caldwell, Josephine Lee Tetwiler and Susan L. Pence passed away.

June 3 – Lelia Wools Wiley, Shirley J. Russell, Della Hale Shoemaker, Ellen M. Likes, Lucille K. Coffman, Grace Piersol and Wilbur R. Harkins passed away.

June 4 – Sylvester Lutz, Frederick R. White, Charles Nelson Day, Grace C. Pierson and Wilbur R. Harkins passed away.

June 5 – Robert C. Winchester and Esda F. McGrath passed away.

June 6 – Mildred J. Barber, Robert Charles Winchester and Esda Faye McGrath passed away.

June 8/9 – Clifford R. “Charlie” Brown passed away.

June 10 – Clifford Roger “Charlie” Brown, Charles Robert Benjamin and Staff Sgt. Robert Hodo passed away.

June 11 – Robert W. Williamson passed away.

June 12 – Elsie Leona Caldwell Reeves passed away.

June 13 – Robert Hodo and Mary Ann Moherman passed away.

June 14 – Hilda M. Dietz, Robert L. Hodo and Michael W. Floyd passed away.

June 15/16 – Michael W. Floyd passed away.

June 17 – Vesta C. Walters, Diana Lynn Howard and Margaret V. Ohmes passed away.

June 18 – Jerry Lee Hollon and Jim Richard Andrews passed away.

June 19 – Edward W. Mix, Sr., Olive Alice Randel, Michael W. Floyd and Vern R. Ritchal passed away.

June 21 – Doris Partain and Vern R. Ritchal passed away.

June 22/23 – George A. Raymond passed away.

June 24 – Lloyd Earl Cockran passed away.

June 25 – Annabelle Crawford Brooks and Gary W. Leonard, Sr. passed away.

June 26 – Annabelle Crawford Beeks, Betty Jo Harrison and Eula M. Phillips passed away.

June 27 – Michael Stevenson passed away.

June 28 – Betty Jo Bell, Michael LeRoy Stevenson, Jewel Clarece Filby and Josephine McMillen passed away.

June 29/30 – Josephine Faye McMillen, Jewel Clarece Filby, Joe Jesse Medina, Darrell L. Speer and George W. Raper passed away.

July 1 – Mary Baldwin, Grace L. Hoobing, Lydia Hope Parks and Ivan Snyder passed away.

July 2 – Mary H. Baldwin passed away.

July 3 – Jessica Michelle Guyett and Carolyn I. Polfer passed away.

July 6/7 – Dorothy M. “Dottie” Mattson and Anna Louise Perkins passed away.

July 8 – Vincent L. Johnson, Roscoe E. Lancaster, Jr. and Louise Wilcoxson passed away.

July 9 – Louise Kathrine Wilcoxson, Raymond Williams, Dolores Jean (Jeane) Ayers Pierce, Teri Morris and Frances Bailey passed away.

July 10 – Nora Virginia Davis, Michael Aaron Thompson, Teri Morris, Melvin H. Williamson and Kenna Jolene Jones passed away.

July 11 – Dorothy M. “Dottie” Mattson, Frances Bailey, Billy L. Smith, Alice D. Milward and Mauirne C. Arford passed away.

July 12 – Alvin J. Beachy, Jerome “Cody” Rodriguez and Nell Selanders passed away.

July 13/14 – Ida Laverne Cramer, Pearl Melissa Campbell and Ruby Lee Fleming passed away.

July 15 – Frances Paul Paden, Kathryn B. Mader, Charles Eldon Landers, Ida Laverne Cramer and Elmer L. Alumbaugh passed away.

July 16 – Terry E. Church passed away.

July 17 – Megan Raeanne Crist, Raymond L. Kindsley, Theda W. Garrett and Daniel R. “Dan” Jaimes passed away.

July 18 – Dorothy Mae Mohler passed away.

July 19 – Allan A. Alterman, Theda W. Garrett, Raymond Lee Kinsley, Mildred E. Rhule and Maxine Robertson Rushing passed away.

July 20/21 – Evelyn Harrel-Rhule, Allan A. Alterman, Leona Mae Waddle and Theda W. Garrett passed away.

July 22 – Leona Mae Waddle, Roy Nickell, Velma Maxine Murdock, Laura P. “Dolly” Foster, Herman Joseph Feuerborn and Harry Max Drake, Jr. passed away.

July 23 – Sylvia Bernice Crane, June B. Willhite and Elizabeth E. Winkler passed away.

July 24 – Thelma M. Broers, Johnnie Mac Lyons, June B. Wilhite and Sylvester Feuerborn passed away.

July 25 – James R. Boyd, James Russell Clark, Douglas Ray Fairchild, Sylvester Feuerborn, Harvey Lee Plummer and Joseph N. Scneider passed away.

July 26 – Joseph N. Schneider, Beverly Hook and Marjorie Black passed away.

July 27/28 – Beverly Jean Hook passed away.

July 29 – Annabelle Pence, Lizzie L. Lann, Neil N. Jones and Grover L. Crawford passed away.

July 30 – John Victor Emmons, Josephine Evans, Annabelle Pence, Oakley V. Rhoades, Jr., Ronald E. Woodley, Mildred Novak and Philip Novak passed away.

July 31 – Eugene H. Hermreck and Thomas Franklin “Tom” Savage passed away.

Aug. 1 – Opal B. Stoebener, Henry W. L. Edwards, Jr., Eugene H. Hermreck, Josephine Elizabeth McGregor and Michael J. Kelley passed away.

Aug. 2 – Opal Stoebener passed away.

Aug. 3/4 – Mable L. Gilliland, Carl Wallace and Donald “Don” Reed passed away.

Aug. 5 – Cheryl J. Spurlock, Clyde L. Parr, Robert C. “Bob” Jefferson, Doyle Harris, William Lawrence Davis and Anita Almarez passed away.

Aug. 6 – Anita Almarez, Audrey Ione Skeet and Kenneth O. Williamson passed away.

Aug. 7 – Floyd L. Jackson, Jr. and Juanita Sears passed away.

Aug. 8 – Ruby Juanita Sears and Edward Everett Kellogg passed away.

Aug. 9 – Monica Christine Snyder passed away.

Aug. 12 – Merle Doralyn Fischer, Jane V. Nicholson and L. E. “Jack” Nelson passed away.

Aug. 13 – Faye O. Powell, Carl Leon Allen, Doris Holderman and Hildred M. Bures passed away.

Aug. 14 – Burt W. Waring, Maria Inez Foley and Hildred M. Burnes passed away.

Aug. 15 – Dana G. Warrick Blevins and Doris L. Holderman passed away.

Aug. 16 – D. J. Ainsworth passed away.

Aug. 17/18 – D. J. Ainsworth, Daniel Victor Rose, Everett E. Ewing and Sylvester A. Wolf, Jr. passed away.

Aug. 19 – Charles Edmond Woodward, E. Maxine Reed, Hilda Helen Pickert and Clifford E. Gottstein passed away.

Aug. 20 – Megan Ann Stifter, Bertha R. Bergsma, Earl R. Elliott, John H. Edgecomb, Ruth L. Shipps, Gerould Eugene “Jerry” Brockett and Claude J. Robinson passed away.

Aug. 21 – Erma Dowdy, Diana Zoller, Bertha R. Bergsma, Mildred V. McConnell, Phyllis R. Henness, John Max Haight, M. D. and John H. Edgecomb passed away.

Aug. 22 – Diana Zoller, Mildred V. McConnell and Coleen Gates passed away.

Aug. 23 – Coleen V. Gates and Dennis R. Kuntz passed away.

Aug. 24/25 – Richard Oliver Kemplay and Lawrence Giffin passed away.

Aug. 26 – Mary Curtis, Robert Baffrey, Shirlie “Maxine” Gorton, Violet L. Bennett, George Malicky, Dorothy Ann Lengewisch, Richard “Dick” Sweers, Evella Catherine Matta, Lawrence “Tub” Giffin, Harold E. Stewart and Everett Lee McGinnis passed away.

Aug. 27 – Josephine D. Wright, Everett Lee McGinnis and Alton Carey passed away.

Aug. 28 – Alton F. Carey, Florence “Mildred” Ricklefs and Evella Catherine Matta passed away.

Aug. 29 – Evella Catherine Matta passed away.

Aug. 30 – Gilbert Ray Ponce, Jr. passed away.

Aug. 31/Sept. 1 – Edwasrd Junior Nydegger passed away.

Sept. 3 – Hugh Porter Jackson, Ronald H. Phillips and Helen Ruth Watson passed away.

Sept. 4 – Helen Ruth Watson, Elmer V. Mellies, Patrick McCann and Mary Sue Johnson passed away.

Sept. 5 – Mary Sue Johnson, James Bayless and Susan M. Wahl passed away.

Sept. 6 – Susan M. Wahl and Duaine Clifford, Else

Sept. 7/8 – Duaine C. else and Susan J. Wahl passed away.

Sept. 9 – Herbert W. Johnson, James M. Johnson, Jr., Virginia A. Martz, George F. Allman, Nellie Fern Logan and William H. Collins passed away.

Sept. 10 – Melvin Keith Barnhart, Nellie Fern Logan, Marie Giles Marmon, Charley F. “Bill” McDaniel and Donald Charles Breithaupf passed away.

Sept. 11 – Charley F. “Bill” McDaniel, Dorothea A. “Dot” Robertson, Frank L. Snook, David Lee Conner, Nellie Fern Logan and Dorothy Alice Woods passed away.

Sept. 12 – Fredrick J. Hermreck, Charley F. “Bill” McDaniel, Rebecca A. Manspeaker and Donald David Jones passed away.

Sept. 13 – Fredrick J. “Fred” Hermreck and Nancy Kathleen Hunley passed away.

Sept. 14/15 – Nancy “Kathalee” Hunley and Ogreta P. Simmons passed away.

Sept. 16 – Evan Ray Sumners, Fracisca Cortez Larios, Fredrick J. “Fred” Hermreck, Barry Arthur Tucker II, Nellie Marie Miller and Mabel F. Disque passed away.

Sept. 17 – Nellie Marie Miller, Wilma A. Vinson, Mabel F. Disque, Pedro B. Govea, Jr. and Faye Phillips passed away.

Sept. 18 – Estella Mae Richardson, Nadine J. Price Smith and Owen O. Heidner passed away.

Sept. 19 – Owen O. Heidner, Leslie N. Barrett and Estella Mae Richardson passed away.

Sept. 20 – Donald C. “Don” Kornhaus passed away.

Sept. 21/22 – Robert Samuel Keim and Boyd J. Cooper passed away.

Sept. 23 – Charlotte A. Werth and Donald C. “Don” Kornhaus passed away.

Sept. 24 – Floyd E. Gunnels passed away.

Sept. 25 – Floyd “Pete” Edward Gunnels, Helen Lorene Weaver, Richard J. Starr, Sr., Robert P. Sanders and Donald A. Brown passed away.

Sept. 27 – Dale Dean Waddell, Edythe Ellen (Clark) Kuebler and Jerry Yost passed away.

Sept. 28/29 – Jerry Yost passed away.

Sept. 30 – Pearline May Stephens, Eugene “Tim” Marks, Gene H. Hermreck, Dorothy Ann Hoopes and George Thomas Bradley passed away.

Oct. 1 – Gene H. Hemreck, Gladish “Pat” Patton and John Batiste Blanchon passed away.

Oct. 2 – Virginia L. Robrahn, Shirley Ann Quimby, E. May McMahon, Gene H. Hermreck, Stella Diaz, John Baptiste Blanchon and Darrel Berry passed away.

Oct. 3 – Margaret Carlisle Heinrich Walbridge, Pearl J. Seyler, Newell Clyde Melcher, Devoe Collins and Leonard L. Burgoon passed away.

Oct. 4 – Leonard L. Burgoon and Nelle Marie Hurst passed away.

Oct. 7 – Reuben W. Welcher, Richard Pearson Lee and Esther Marie Cole passed away.

Oct. 8 – Billie J. Paradise, Arnold Topp, Ray V. Smith and Ralph Charles Lamb, Jr. passed away.

Oct. 9 – Arnold Laverne Topp, Ray V. Smith, Barbara Leveda “Maxine” Russell, Ralph Charles Lamb, Jr. and Cleo (Gerhold) Gault passed away.


Oct. 10 – Eugene “Tim” Marks passed away.

Oct. 11 – Duane L. Miller and Darrold L. “Speedy” Franks passed away.

Oct. 14 – Arlene Ewing, Freda O. Reed, Homer Levie Oldham, Duane L. Mullen, Valerie Bausch and Roberta Ann (Christian) Paine passed away.

Oct. 15 – Ernest C. Mullins, Amy Maxcy Hanks Turner and Scott Allen Combes passed away.

Oct. 17 – Wilma Grace Crews, Lorrel Darlene Page, Etta Jo Poole, Claron Francis Pancake, Elizabeth Scott Kelsey and John William Cantrell passed away.

Oct. 18 – Francisco Guerrero, Jr., Richard “Dick” Dean Gettinger, John William Cantrell, Ronald L. Noyes and Willard Yockey passed away.

Oct. 19/20 – Louis L. Williams, Raymond Henry Feuerborn, John William Cantrell and Wayne C. McConnell passed away.

Oct. 21 – Curtis Lee DeVore and Pearl V. Robinson passed away.

Oct. 22 – Ineke C. WIllems and Dale Rodecap passed away.

Oct. 23 – Shawnna Jo Rene Dodson and Louis F. Ward passed away.

Oct. 24 – Avis Fay Merritt and RDell Manning passed away.

Oct. 25 – Lynn Murray, Mabel Tomberlin and Ava Mae McKoon passed away.

Oct. 26/27 – Lynn Murray, Mabel Tomberlin, Helen Cecila Garst and Ava Mae McKoon passed away.

Oct. 28 – Gage Michael Coulter, Lois Anita Dreyer, Osdcar L. Emery and Bonnie Mae Egger passed away.

Oct. 29 – Oscar L. Emery and Ray Lyman passed away.

Oct. 30 – Mabel Ellen Lister, Glenn Beauford Dunn, Lucy Alice Worrell, Nick Constantinescu, Ray Lyman and F. Novella Meyers Lambright passed away.

Oct. 31 – Daisy H. Shull, Mabel Ellen Lister, Vernie Seaton and June Higbee passed away.

Nov. 1 – June G. Higbee and Gladys H. Lalman passed away.

Nov. 2/3 – Freeling E. Kershner passed away.

Nov. 4 – Gladys H. Lalman and Henry D. “Hank” Gilroy passed away.

Nov. 5 – Henry D. “Hank” Gilroy, Ada Adeline Coolidge, Larry D. Williams and Christopher Jacob Jongenelen passed away.

Nov. 6 – Larry Dale Williams, Stanley Charles Green, Beulah M. McDowell and Monica C. Lickteig passed away.

Nov. 7 – Monica Catherine Lickteig, Beulah M. McDowell and Nick Constantinescu passed away.

Nov. 8 – Vada Josilene House, William David Jenkins, Wendell Allen and Louise E. Carey passed away.

Nov. 11 – Paul S. Edgecomb, Rose Lucy Gonzales, Irene L. Bellefeuille, John “Tommy” Tyler and Charles Edwin Phillips passed away.

Nov. 12 – Ruth M. Johanning, Eleanor Marjorie Peer, B. J. Chandler and Robert D. Ubelaker passed away.

Nov. 13 – Robert D. “Bob” Ubelaker, B. J. Chandler, Cecille Mae Smith, Ronald Virgil Ferguson, Patrick Guilfoyle, Ralph “Butch” Katzer, Phillip Stanton “Stan” Phares, Jim Cavander, Miller Anderson and Kathi McFarland passed away.

Nov. 14 – Kathi D. McFarland, Ralph Frederick “Butch” Katzer and Jim Cavender passed away.

Nov. 15 – Marshall Douglas Gregg and Sandra K. Sage passed away.

Nov. 16/17 – Sandra K. Sage passed away.

Nov. 18 – A. Roy Woods, Dorothy B. Gillespie, Francis Warren, Lillian G. Biehler, Marilyn Jane “Sandy” Wakeman and Lela M. Brock passed away.

Nov. 19 – Ava Cummings, Catherine “Kay” Ijams, Charles Lee McGuire and Francis L. Warren passed away.

Nov. 20 – Francis L. Warren, George David Blair and Sunshine Gaddis passed away.

Nov. 21 – Lillian Biehler, Karen Kay Stahel and Sunshine Gaddis passed away.

Nov. 22 – Marjorie A. Fisher passed away.

Nov. 23/24 – Marjorie Fisher, Edith E. Hastert, Albert Theodore Mosimann, Jr., Elva Browning and Colby Dale Lewis passed away.

Nov. 25 – Elva Browning, Stella M. Cotter, Ernest W. Bremer and Etta May Shehan passed away.

Nov. 26 – Norma Jean Holstrom, Stella Margaret Cotter, Grace M. Steen, Patricia Tyler, Harmon V. Averyt and George Henry Clasen II passed away.

Nov. 27 – Peter R. Flusser, Patricia Carolyn Tyler, Stella M. Cotter, Grace M. Steen, Natalie Maxine Bratton and George Henry Clasen II passed away.

Nov. 29 – Raymond Arthur Eichorn, Vivian R. Powers and James H. Milward passed away.

Nov. 30/Dec. 1 – Patricia Mae “Patti” Porteous and Vivian Ruth Powers passed away.

Dec. 2 – Mary Y. Shelton, William F. “Bill” Leib, Guy E. Monroe, Esther C. Weber, Margaret R. Stipp and Ida Augusta McGehee passed away.

Dec. 3 – Margaret Rose Stipp passed away.

Dec. 4 – Mabel Fern Johnson and Eva Lionel Milks Harness passed away.

Dec. 5 – Elizabeth Katzer passed away.

Dec. 6 – Kenny James Midkiff, Marshall Blair Karnes and Marvin E. Pinney passed away.

Dec. 7/8 – Marvin E. Pinney, Lad Brown and Michael W. Bethell passed away.

Dec. 9 – Naomi M. Harms, Ronald C. Thompson and Hazel Lou Moore passed away.

Dec. 10 – Ronald C. Thompson, Euleta Dell Radcliffe, Clarice D. Gordon, Raymond James Hicks and Shelly Leigh Haddock passed away.

Dec. 11 – Florence Cary Burke, Leland M. Bearce and Elaine Seyler Allen passed away.

Dec. 12 – Florence Cary Burke, Danny Ray Brecheisen and Margarette H. Oestreicher passed away.

Dec. 13 – Margarette H. Oestreicher passed away.

Dec. 16 – Doris M. Shellhorn and Alice Marie Findlay passed away.

Dec. 17 – Doris M. Shellhorn, Ruth E. Linhart, Iris Irmalee Wakeman, Donna Lee Gentry and Brayden Lee Yocham passed away.

Dec. 18 – Celia Ann Shaefer passed away.

Dec. 19 – Kenneth Edwards and Leo W. Katzer passed away.

Dec. 20 – C. Kenneth Edwards and Leo W. Katzer passed away.

Dec. 21/22 – Roscoe E. Jones passed away.

Dec. 23 – Cecelia H. Day, Randall Clark “Randy” Kaufman, Sarah Brockway Schirmer, Thelma Irene Spencer and John W. Calvert passed away.

Dec. 24 – Michael D. Thomas, Sarah Brockway Schirmer, Fred M. Lewis and Rose T. Wilper passed away.

Dec. 26 – Charles Harold Hanes, Mildred Johnson, Sarah Brockway Schirmer, Opal Maxine Farrell, Dorothy Jameson, Margaret Fleming, Janis Warrick, Byron Faden, Rose T. Wilper, Albert J. Patry and Charlie “Bud” Kramer, Jr. passed away.

Dec. 27 – Margaret L. Fleming, Dorothy S. “Dottie” Jameson, Clara E. West and Wesley F. Myers passed away.

Dec. 28/29 – Janis E. Warrick, Hubert H. Roeckers, Edythe Irene Hamlin Marshall and Deltha Belle Chambers passed away.

Dec. 30 – Patricia Anne “Pat” Lawler, Ruth M. Peterson, Harold Lee Stout, Betty Heckman, Sondra A. Wininger, Byron Faden, Janis E. Warrick, Hubert H. Roeckers, Gladys Virginia Spigle and Charles B. Johnson passed away.

Dec. 31 – Sondra A. Wininger, Harold Lee Stout, Rolla Delbert Kerr, Catherine Kieker and Bette Lou Scheufler Lacer passed away.



Jan. 2 – Betty J. Heckman, Dorothea A. Gordon, Jerry J. Sicks, Clifford Sheldon, Vivian I. Gilliland Brubaker, Byron Faden and Catharine A. Dieker passed away.

Jan. 3 – Eldon Watt Landers, Jon Talcott Strout, Clifford Sheldon, Byron Faden and Dayton Rodgers passed away.

Jan. 4/5 – Richard “Rick” Charles Winchester and Claron Howarter passed away.

Jan. 6 – Richard “Rick” Charles Winchester, Frank James Gestl, Jr. and George I. Barnes passed away.

Jan. 7 – Edna M. “Toddie” Kyle passed away.

Jan. 8 – Claron Howarter passed away.

Jan. 9 – Madeline Sutton Scheuerman passed away.

Jan. 10 – Pearl R. Dillon passed away.

Jan. 13 – Anne Marie Jordan and Frances Elizabeth Floyd Linville passed away.

Jan. 14 – Marcus Alan Gutierrez, Jr., Patricia Ann Simmons, Marjorie M. Hunt and Marvin Earl Caylor passed away.

Jan. 15 – James Robert “Jim” Strawder, Sr. and Lois Mae Grandy Ross passed away.

Jan. 16 – Tom R. Miller, Linda Sue Schwegman, Lawrence Edward Black, George H. Blankenship and Barbara Dardenne Butterworth passed away.

Jan. 17 – George H. Blankenship, Lloyd G. Wheeler and Helen Marie Hubbard passed away.

Jan. 18/19 – Lloyd G. Wheeler and Mary Francis Florea passed away.

Jan. 20 – Sheldon L. Mundy, Sr., James L. Allen, Milo “Punk” Hackett and Earle Francis Hill passed away.

Jan. 21 – James L. Allen, Clarence “Otis” Robinson, Nettie Pearl Moore and Dorothy Jeanne Williams passed away.

Jan. 22 – Wilma L. Cooper, Nat E. Gillihan, Ildephonse Bernard Doerhoff, Lynn E. Hodges, Edgar A. “Eddie” Hull and Clarence Otis Robinson passed away.

Jan. 23 – Wilma L. Cooper and Edgar A. “Eddie” Hull passed away.

Jan. 24 – Helen Dorothy Rempel, Allie Fae Louderback, Beda Marie Madison and Charles Virgil French passed away.

Jan. 25/26 – Charles Virgil French passed away.

Jan. 27 – Helen Ramona Barnett, Maxine M. Roush, Floyd Edgar Wells and Vera Mae Schultz passed away.

Jan. 28 – Mary Maxine Roush, D’Ron Jacob Finney, Lawrence James Flakus, Sr., William H. “Bill” Randel, Henry Glenn Kester, Oretta West and Bessie J. Gruver passed away.

Jan. 29 – Donald F. McMillen, Mildred June Barringer, Cleora Evelyn Burns, Edna Mable Tipton, Alvin Eugene Hall, Marvin Ralph Warbritton and Roy W. Lambert passed away.

Jan. 30 – F. Ransom Bennett, Jr., Florence Carroll, Kenneth Lee Jones, Lois Ann Cope and Albert K. Sacherer passed away.

Jan. 31 – Frank Ransom Bennett, Jr., Roy William Lambert, Florence Haines Carroll, Carol Marie Nicolay, Rita K. Angold and Thomas H. Morgan passed away.

Feb. 1/2 – Carol Marie Nicolay and Thomas H. Morgan passed away.

Feb. 3 – Erma Ruth Nitcher, John Buford Anderson, Diana Kay Green and Bert W. Broers passed away.

Feb. 4 – Joseph Edward “Bill” Manwaring, Bert W. Broers, Marie Mae Miller and Dorothy J. Queen passed away.

Feb. 5 – Dorothy J. Queen and Marie Mae Miller passed away.

Feb. 6 – Alice LaVern Sherman, Sharon Kay Shepherd, Della Fay Schoonover and Sharon K. Williams passed away.

Feb. 7 – Della Fay Schoonover and Sharon K. Williams passed away.

Feb. 8/9 – Sharon K. Shepherd and Charles A. “Chuck” Swanson passed away.

Feb. 10 – Ralph Clark Shepherd, Edward Junior Anderson, Eugene Yohe, Luke A. Halling, Louise Kreusch, Phyllis Jeanette Hally and Gary J. Cargo passed away.

Feb. 11 – Carol Hefling, Louise Kreusch, Fred Earnest Gottstein, Mary K. Orton, Gary John Cargo, Phyllis Jeanette Hally and Lois Ruth Thomas passed away.

Feb. 12 – Frances L. Ecord, Gene Marshall Allen, Lois Ruth Thomas and Eugene Vernon “Gene” Yohe passed away.

Feb. 13 – Haydn Lorenzo Shaw, Ila Mae LaFollette, Dorothy Jane Trager and Patricia Anne Barnes passed away.

Feb. 14 – Edwin D. “Sandy” Lankard, Lillian “Pet” Feuerborn, Ila Mae LaFollette and Richard Vaughn Lilly passed away.

Feb. 15/16 – Edwin D. “Sandy” Lankard and Iona Narine Gibbons passed away.

Feb. 17 – Allia Mae Woodsum, Norma Charlene Funk, Kenny Carlton, Clara J. Johanning, John William Mackie, Jr., Wilna Jean Smith and Walter L. Adams passed away.

Feb. 18 – Edna E. Schwitters, Elosia M. “Sam” Young and Vernice Krantz passed away.

Feb. 19 – Lillian “Peg” Feuerborn, Orville Bliss and Maude Harden passed away.

Feb. 20 – Maude M. Harden and Opal F. With passed away.

Feb. 22/23 – Opal F. With passed away.

Feb. 24 – Agnes M. Rossman, Jennie Evelyn Gould, Gladys B. Brust and Ellen C. Hummell passed away.

Feb. 25 – Jennie Evelyn Gould passed away.

Feb. 26 – Robert H. (Bob) Newby, Helen Irene Wolfe and Keith W. Paine passed away.

Feb. 27 – Celia Taylor and Georgetta Mary Goodyear passed away.

Mar. 1/2 – Pauline Taylor, Harry M. “Red” Shuart and Dorothy Maxine Warren passed away.

Mar. 3 – Eunice T. Hoover, Lorena White, Charles Franklin Ford, Donald Russell (Pete) Peterson, Anitta Fern Grant and Keith W. Paine passed away.

Mar. 4 – Jeannie Machelle Eye passed away.

Mar. 5 – Lorena White, Vietta M. Burns, Sandra J. Wolfe, Lois Burroughs and Dorlene Flynn passed away.

Mar. 6 – Sandra Jewell Wolfe, Lois A. Burroughs, Eileen Bowman and Robert Leroy West passed away.

Mar. 7 – Eileen A. Bowman, Robert L. Shields, Velma J. Drybread, Ruby M. Schwarz and Frank L. Fritz passed away.

Mar. 8/9 – Velma Joy Drybread, Frank L. Fritz and Bill Shenk passed away.

Mar. 10 – Robert L. “Bob” Shields, Rachel Xanthull, Robert S. McCoy, Velma Hirt, Eugenia Ann Meeker Gansen, Earnest “Jim” James Douglas and Velma Joy Drybread passed away.

Mar. 11 – Jesse Walbridge and Velma J. Hirt passed away.

Mar. 12 – Jack B. Pringle, Jesse R. Walbridge, Ted White, Sr., Gladys Mae Spooner and Edson D. Raff passed away.

Mar. 13 – Gladys M. Spooner, Violet I. Callahan, John J. Sommer and Chester “Chet” Andrew passed away.

Mar. 14 – Thelma Jane Shaw, Ruby Stevenson, John J. SOmmer and Dorothy L. Lawson passed away.

Mar. 15/16 – Dorothy L. Lawson, Dalton “Dee” Paxton and Edna Mae Hunt passed away.

Mar. 17 – Stacy Ervin Hopkins, Jr., Eddie Ray Cunningham, Lucas Stefan Dorsey and Mary M. Peine Anderson passed away.

Mar. 18 – Edson Duncan Kingman-Raff, Leslie C. Clark, Babe Bell, Oscar L. Turner, Homer Perry, Ivie Hetrick and Lucas Stefan Dorsey passed away.

Mar. 19 – Homer Ray Perry, Ivie Hetrick, Elwood “Woody” Leach, Babe Bell, Jimmie “Jim” Gragg, Mildred Alice Chapman Fenoughty and Leslie N. Clark passed away.

Mar. 21 – Bertha R. Sawyer and Homer “Gene” Hodo passed away.

Mar. 22/23 – Bertha R. Sawyer and Lucile M. Chancellor passed away.

Mar. 24 – Jamin Christopher Wray, Eleanor Lena Rogge and Roberta E. Michaels passed away.

Mar. 25 – Roberta Ellen Michaels passed away.

Mar. 26 – Sharon Joanne Fitzpatrick Hannah, Virginia Loyd and Imogene Marie Nickel passed away.

Mar. 27 – Virginia Ruth Loyd and Imogene Marie Nickel passed away.

Mar. 28 – Ralph L. Hartpence and Gladys Dorathy Hartford passed away.

Mar. 31 – Richard Lee Sims and Letha Marvene Warren passed away.

Apr. 1 – Lavon C. Young, Emory W. Deaton, Roy C. Hawkins and Ethel A. Carr passed away.

Apr. 2 – Emory W. Deaton, Roy C. Hawkins, Linda Kay Harold and Ethel Adeline Carr passed away.

Apr. 3 – Roy C. Hawkins passed away.

Apr. 5/6 – Vernon Lee Yoho passed away.

Apr. 7 – Orlan William Byerley and James W. Eckard passed away.

Apr. 8 – Clyde Oliver Johnson, Debra Sue Russell, Ralph L. Masters, James W. Eckard and Opal Arlene Gander passed away.

Apr. 9 – Ralph Lee Masters and Debra Sue “Debbie” Russell passed away.

Apr. 10 – Georgiabelle H. Schweizer passed away.

Apr. 11 – Jacob Lee Butler and Kenneth V. “Ken” Morrow passed away.

Apr. 12/13 – Nellie Humphrey, Yetta “Yula” Raulston and Kenneth V. “Ken” Morrow passed away.

Apr. 14 – Kenneth V. “Ken” Morrow, Richard Charles “Charli” Perkins, John W. “Sonny” Brown, Hiram D. “Bud” Elder, Margaret E. Neill and Irene Opal Symons passed away.

Apr. 15 – Hiram D. “Bud” Elder, Donald W. Sloan and Irene Opal Symons passed away.

Apr. 16 – Marvin Russell Boyce and Rosa Scott passed away.

Apr. 17 – Rosa L. Scott and Chad Perez passed away.

Apr. 18 – Janet M. Logan passed away.

Apr. 19/20 – Doris J. Blankenship, Janet M. Logan, Betty J. Prentice and Helen Mae Hill passed away.

Apr. 21 – Betty J. Prentice, Edith E. Ratzlaff, Viola Kathryn Peters, Grace D. Edwards Hughes, Clifford J. Saile, Patsy H. Carpenter, Bert Binkley, Jr. and Herbert LeFebre Miller passed away.

Apr. 22 – Roy Cletus Baker, Eugene Leon Madl and Floyd E. Higdon passed away.

Apr. 23 – Floyd D. Higdon passed away.

Apr. 25 – William C. Rice passed away.

Apr. 26/27 – Margaret (Peggy) Wakefield Bush, Donald Gareth Balcaen, Audra K. Grimes, Louis J. “Jack” Hermreck and Emma Jo Williams passed away.

Apr. 28 – Alvin F. “Bud” Houston, Emma Jo Williams, Charles Henry Green and Lisa Ann (Baustian) Smart passed away.

Apr. 29 – Alfred M. Guber, Josephine B. Patterson, Betty Jean Robinson and Velma Fay White passed away.

Apr. 30 – Howard C. Wallace, Velma Fay White and Edwin Higbie passed away.

May 1 – Maurice C. Harrington, Bertha C. Magee, E. Elaine Musser, Edwin G. Higbie and Vivian E. Hamilton passed away.

May 2 – Bertha C. Magee, William R. Weber, Josephine Bernice Patterson and Earl Junior Pretzer passed away.

May 3/4 – William Robert Weber, Earl Junior Pretzer and Dana Jeanette Simpson passed away.

May 5 – Charles L. “Charlie” Gillum, Thomas “Eddie” Hopkins, Wilma McNeely, Paul W> Schuster and Benjamin E. Sleichter passed away.

May 6 – Mary Ethel Guyer passed away.

May 7 – Aaron Tyler McCurdy passed away.

May 8 – Lori Lea Mages, John R. Burdette, Sr., Dorothy Agnes Barrigan and William A. Cooksey passed away.

May 9 – Dorothy “Agnes” Barrigan, Wilma A. Cooksey and Thelma Jane Tallman passed away.

May 10/11 – Thelma J. Tallman passed away.

May 12 – Leona E. Gentry-Ziegler-Akers passed away.

May 13 – Wilma Louise Secrest McKoon and Ronald Dale Bloom passed away.

May 14 – Opal M. New and Rex A. Myers passed away.

May 15 – Rex A. Myers and Craig Havens passed away.

May 16 – Mary Ann Schenk passed away.

May 17/18 – Craig A. Havens and Jack Stephen Brownlee passed away.

May 19 – Esther G. Miller, Shirley Ann Dotson and Anne Wederbrand passed away.


May 21 – Clarence E. Malik and Kenneth D. “Chief” Musser passed away.

May 22 – Jeanne Roth, Kenneth D. “Chief” Musser, Jimmie Boyd “Jim” Logan and Doris Margaret (Simmons) Casad passed away.

May 23 – Violet H. Sleichter passed away.

May 27 – Thelma Hamilton, Nancy Kay Thuro, Lester Hey, Charles Sander, Nellie Vaughn and Isabel Hart passed away.

May 28 – Lovia M. Randel, Irene Uyvonne Collins, Naomi Victoria Thoms and Isabel Hart passed away.

May 29 – Isabel Hart passed away.

May 31/June 1 – Olin Glen Wollen and Billie O. Kitts passed away.


June 2 – Mary Ann Detwiler passed away.

June 3 – Mary Ann Detwiler, Wilma Delores Slane, Alfred M. Bunnel and Lois W. Carter passed away.

June 4 – Lois W. Carter, Charles Gordon, Mary Ann Detwiler, Leola K. Meador, Wilma Delores Slane and Marvin J. “Bud” Lhuillier passed away.

June 5 – Leola K. “Dolly” Meador, William “Bill” Couzens and Chad Olen Fulks passed away.

June 6 – Bernice Bartlett Smith, John B. Rodney, Jr., Becky Sue Prescott and William “Bill” Couzens passed away.

June 7/8 – Sharon L. Schlecta passed away.

June 9 – Thomas Lee Martin, Sharon L. Schlecta, Jane Marie Weimer passed away.

June 10 – Bob “Griff” Griffith passed away.

June 11 – Bob “Griff” Griffith and Leonard J. Weber passed away.

June 12 – Leonard J. Weber passed away.

June 13 – Kennedy Meek, Mary Kellerman and Viola A. (Huggins) Hill passed away.

June 14/15 – Donald Eugene Masten passed away.

June 16 – Donald Duane Fiehler and Olettia T. Griffel passed away.


June 17 – Nellie Neave, Maria L. Jave and Dale Lawrence Wehage passed away.

June 18 – Ulysses “Ulis” Tucker and Donald Duane Fiehler passed away.

June 19 – Marie L. Jave, Ethel Pauline Miller Baldwin, Ulysses E. “Ulis” Tucker passed away.

June 20 – Viola Mae Crump and Betty Lee Salsbury passed away.

June 23 – Betty Lee Salsbury, Clarence Graf, Robert Milton Kite and Edith May Deaton passed away.

June 24 – Edith M. Deaton, Helen S. Kindred, John Scott “Scotty” Kane, Merle Estelene Hawkins and Timothy Thomas Dougan passed away.

June 25 – Amy Elizabeth Hedgepath-Shaffer and Martha Jnae Bouwkamp passed away.

June 26 – Bernice Gottstein passed away.

June 30 – Mabel M. Ward and Alice Cope passed away.

July 1 – Alice Mahree “A. D.” (Meade) Cope, Patricia Smith Rhea, Owen Harold Bailey and Viola M. Cox McClure passed away.

July 2 – Jerry William O’Brien and Charles L. Falls passed away.

July 3 – Charles L. “Charlie” Falls and Wiley Jay Hobbs passed away.

July 7 – Albert Miller, Helen M. Falconer, Clyde Albert Lile, Velma K. Smith and Wanda J. Powell passed away.

July 8 – Rollinda Sue Higdon, Velma K. Smith, Leroy Ernest Williams and Ila Hase passed away.

July 9 – Ila Hase, John Michael “Mike” Rogers, George C. Guy and Juanita M. Dyer passed away.

July 10 – Leland Wilson Dyer and George Calvin Guy passed away.

July 11 – Eric “Ke-Dab-Kote” Douglas Allen, Marian L. Brockway, Leland Wilson Dyer, Mary L. Little and Estella Pritchard passed away.

July 12/13 – Clarence C. Dieker and Adelene White passed away.

July 14 – Leland Wilson Dyer, Gerald Byron “Jerry” Moses, Ralph Pristernik and Don Sellers passed away.

July 15 – John Likens, Ralph (Pete) Pristernik and Don Sellers passed away.

July 16 – Ernest “Sonny” Baldwin, Patricia J. Brenizer, Ada Collins, Vivian Irene Fuller, Patricia “Pat” Kramer, Delmer Lorance and Glen Steele passed away.

July 17 – Don Sellers passed away.

July 18 – Larry Doherty passed away.

July 21 – Carl Taylor passed away.

July 22 – Patricia J. Brenizer passed away.

July 23 – Wanda Irene Smith passed away.

July 24 – Ann Baber, Marjorie M. Baxter, Timothy Grosdider, Robert “Bob” Hollon, Betty Idris Thompson Sterrett and Jesse G. Woody passed away.

July 25 – Harold Dave Elliot, Herbert A. Harrah, Jr. and Robert Burney “Bob” Hollon passed away.

July 26/27 – Ann Baber, Jesse G. Woody, Earl Pennington, Della Cheasbro and Wanda Irene Smith passed away.

July 28 – Della Cheasbro, Earl Kenneth Pennington, John Jackson “Jack” Carr, Ann Baber, Andrew J. “Andy” Mietchen, Dallas R. Bowen, John Wayne Dillard and Judith Ann Rosetta passed away.

July 29 – Andrew J. “Andy” Mietchen, Wanda J. Powell, Florence Marie Miller, Earl Kenneth Pennington, Irene Bertha Kennedy and Eleanor M. Lloyd passed away.

July 30 – Eleanor Moyer Lloyd, Irene Bertha Kennedy, Andrew J. “Andy” Mietchen, Earl Kenneth Pennington passed away.

July 31 – Rose Goertz passed away.

Aug. 1 – Timothy J. Grosdidier, Ernest Roecker and James Grover “Ace” Oestreicher passed away.

Aug. 2/3 – Ernest H. Roecker passed away.

Aug. 4 – Charles William “Charlie” Barker, Arnel Eugene “Gene” Horne, Everett Edward Hunter, James Grover “Ace” Oestreicher and Harold C. Tetwiler passed away.

Aug. 5 – Arnel “Gene” Horne, Everett Hunter, Richard Murphy, Sr., Dorothy “Dot” Welsh passed away.

Aug. 6 – Edward Miller and Dorothy “Dot” Welsh passed away.

Aug. 7 – Edward Miller passed away.

Aug. 8 – Megan Heady, Zachery Jacobs and Ethel Kalb passed away.

Aug. 9/10 – Amanda Kay Cunningham and Carol Harvey Valentine Stark passed away.

Aug. 11 – Larry Ray Decker, Bob Hermreck and Cecil Louis Hoehn passed away.

Aug. 12 – Lois E. Doty, Hazel Russell and Grace Shoemaker passed away.

Aug. 13 – Lois E. Doty, Rita M. Hahn and Margaret L. Turner passed away.

Aug. 14 – Alfred W. Altic, Gladys Early, Donald Griffin, Betty Shaffer and Leslie “Dan” Reed passed away.

Aug. 15 – Alfred W. Altic and Betty Shaffer passed away.

Aug. 16/17 – Brent C. Hesse passed away.

Aug. 18 – Joseph P. McAuliffe, Thaddeus Satterlee and Isabel M. Schreiber passed away.

Aug. 19 – Robyn Curtis, Belva M. Manning and Joseph P. McAuliffe passed away.

Aug. 20 – Jean Floersch and Joyce Hall passed away.

Aug. 21 – Jean Floersch and Frances O’Connor passed away.

Aug. 22 – Maxine Arnold, Glenn Cladwell, Sr., Everett Cockrill and Jean Floersch passed away.

Aug. 23/24 – Frances O’Connor, Glenn Caldwell, Sr., Edna Mae Rives and Flossie Mae Kuder passed away.

Aug. 25 – George Rodriguez passed away.

Aug. 26 – Arley Flory passed away.

Aug. 27 – Stanley Parriott and Dorothy R. Tressler passed away.

Aug. 28 – Manie M. Minford, Sonia Hutchinson, Opal Conley and Linda Johnson passed away.

Aug. 30/31 – Terri Lynn Johnson Henness and Nelma Ruth Brown passed away.

Sept. 2 – William Critchfield, June Orr, Sherry Benus, Max Hetrick, Thomas Higgins and Debra Mullen passed away.

Sept. 3 – William Critchfield, Max Hetrick and June H. Orr passed away.

Sept. 4 – W. F. Critchfield, Hubert Didier, William Meiers and Rosalie Oshel passed away.

Sept. 5 – Kristina Vega, Belva Jane Scheid, Dorothy Chamberlain, Jerry Turner, Harry J. Fields, Eva Holmes and Lilith Carter passed away.

Sept. 6/7 – Eva Holmes, Pearl Jackson, Jerry Turner and Kristina Vega passed away.

Sept. 8 – Delaverne Webster and Kristina Vega passed away.

Sept. 10 – Ellen Whitaker and Ora Yoder passed away.

Sept. 11 – Bertha Kitchen passed away.

Sept. 12 – Kenneth Chapman and Gertrude Swinney passed away.

Sept. 13/14 – Kenneth Chapman, Sr., Barbara Karen Tyson and Gertrude Mary Swinney passed away.


Sept. 15 – Ferne Louise Brewer, Ruby Mendell, Richard Brown, Carl Johanning, Betty Young and Harold Vail passed away.

Sept. 16 – Duane DuFrain, Carl Johanning, Clarence Smith, Clifford Sudja and Harold Dean Vail passed away.

Sept. 17 – Agnes Henrietta Collins Dagenette, Duane H. DuFrain and Clifford R. Sudja passed away.

Sept. 18 – Clifford R. Sudja, Jack Ryburn, James Palmer and Edna Casebolt passed away.

Sept. 19 – Edna Hazel Casebolt, Jack Ryburn, Lee Earl Holderman, Daryl L. Haegert, William H. Compton, Terry Caudell and Glen Wilbur Hardesty passed away.

Sept. 20/21 – Terry Sheldon Caudell and Dorothy Jean Clarkson passed away.

Sept. 22 – Frances Brown, Peggy P. Hobbs and Teresa Miller passed away.

Sept. 23 – Samuel Carter, Peggy Hobbs and Helen Bardsley passed away.

Sept. 24 – Helen Bardsley and Duane Lee passed away.

Sept. 25 – Gary Gillett passed away.

Sept. 26 – Walter Ralph Guyle passed away.

Sept. 27/28 – Walter Guyle passed away.

Sept. 29 – Carl Good, Lavernon Lohman, Thomas Rieck, Oden Thompson and Mildred Olmstead passed away.

Sept. 30 – Lela Morris passed away.

Oct. 1 – Mary Harmonson and Lela Morris passed away.

Oct. 2 – Eula Beckwith, Lavernon C. Lohman and Lela Morris passed away.

Oct. 3 – Christopher Burns and Eula Beckwith passed away.

Oct. 4/5 – Barbara Brewer passed away.

Oct. 6 – Elmer Brubaker, Martha Hanna, Barbara Johann and Billy Pogue passed away.

Oct. 7 – Elmer Brubaker, Lela Duffey and Opal Rothrock passed away.

Oct. 8 – Lela Duffey, Reva Myers, Blane Roberts and Sheryl Van Etten passed away.

Oct. 9 – Reva Myers, James Bell, Pauline Duvall, Bessie Lowery and William Roberts passed away.

Oct. 10 – James Bell and Alberta Sutton passed away.

Oct. 11/12 – Jay O. Hess passed away.

Oct. 13 – Robert Mayes, Ethel Mignot and Dale Vincent passed away.

Oct. 14 – Violet Kennedy and Sheryl Van Etten passed away.

Oct. 15 – Sarah Gibbons, Glenn Neis and Ronald Badders passed away.

Oct. 16 – Glen Neis and Hazel Stevenson passed away.

Oct. 17 – Betty Jean Schultz and Joshua Harris passed away.

Oct. 18/19 – Chet M. Fredricks and Charles Horn passed away.

Oct. 20 – Ronald Badders, Chet Fredricks, Opal Davey and Ruth Fredrikson passed away.

Oct. 21 – Ernest Johanning and Opal Davey passed away.

Oct. 22 – Robert Alley and Wayne Bolte passed away.

Oct. 23 – Veda Barnhart and Paris Spooner passed away.

Oct. 24 – Bessie Zakoura, Mildred K. Snover and Elizabeth “Betty” Garber passed away.

Oct. 25/26 – Winiefred Eichinger, Betty I. Fox, Therese Watkins and Marcia R. Webber passed away.

Oct. 27 – Elizabeth Garber, Mildred Snover, Harlow D. Walker, Harvey Hahan and Ralph M. Ross passed away.

Oct. 28 – Harvey Hahn, Lila Knoche and Harlow Walker passed away.

Oct. 29 – Frederick Rowland passed away.

Oct. 30 – Harvey Hahn, Doris Foster, Warren L. Streit, James Raby and Frederick Rowland passed away.

Oct. 31 – Doris Foster and James Raby passed away.

Nov. 1/2 – Beverly A. Shelton passed away.

Nov. 3 – Faye Cole and Grace Steele passed away.

Nov. 4 – Donald Newman, Grace Steele and Katie Stewart passed away.

Nov. 5 – Grace Steele, Christopher Boyd and Watne Gordon passed away.

Nov. 7 – Joann Wooldridge Fabert Downey, Carl M. “Bud” Weiss and Florence Caroline (Peterson) Learned passed away.

Nov. 10 – Mary Harlan and Raymond Schutz passed away.

Nov. 11 – Albert L. Wittman and Percy Sillin passed away.

Nov. 12 – Elsie Brown and Robert Diel passed away.

Nov. 13 – Dennis A. Longfellow and Laura Stecher passed away.

Nov. 14 – Mary Parmenter, Laura Stecher and Evelyn Wuckowitsch passed away.

Nov. 15/16 – Lowell Sutton, Helen Dorothy Emma Cruse, William G. Gadelman and Wilma Laurene Mendell passed away.

Nov. 17 – Cindy Jo Douglas, Monna McGill, John Fitzgerald, Wilma Mendell, Billy Leonard and Darryl Bell passed away.

Nov. 18 – Darryl Bell, John Clippinger, Edna Johnson, Billy Leonard and Wilma Mendell passed away.

Nov. 19 – John Fitzgerald, Dorothy Huffman, Gertrude Maycumber, Richard McCullough, Bailey Kistner and Gladys Meisel passed away.

Nov. 20 – John Clippinger, Gladys Meisel and Alice Smith passed away.

Nov. 21 – Sheryl Casady, Laura Drummond, Addie Hollon, Howard Franks, Jr., Mildred Hilding, Alice Smith and Ralph Stewart passed away.

Nov. 22/23 – Laura Drummond, Addie Hollon, Ian Colburn, Sheryl Lee Casady, Ralph D. Stewart and Mildred Hilding passed away.

Nov. 24 – Eldon McGraw, Michael Ramsey, Francis Van Etten, David A. Cook, Ralph Stewart and Cyril E. Reznicek passed away.

Nov. 25 – Michael Ramsey passed away.

Nov. 26 – Roberta Barnes, David A. Cook and Charles Tinsley passed away.

Nov. 28 – Viola Booth, Ernest Johnson and Beverly Potter passed away.

Nov. 29/30 – Clarence Hunt and Roland Stewart passed away.

Dec. 1 – Alfred Hardesty, Mary Hoyt and Frances McBride passed away.

Dec. 2 – Romana Head, Wesley Oyer and Charles Mavity passed away.

Dec. 3 – William Frear, Charles Mavity, Kenneth Newton, Ivan Rappard and Fayette Tessier passed away.

Dec. 4 – William Frear, Michelle Wallace, Arick Huggins and Ivan Rappard passed away.

Dec. 5 – William Hensley passed away.

Dec. 6/7 – William Pierce passed away.

Dec. 8 – Regina Coons, M. Douglas Pierson, William Roberts, Leona Jones and Raymond H. Peine passed away.

Dec. 9 – Matthew Feuerborn, Raymond Peine, Ricky Howell and Norman Peek passed away.

Dec. 10 – Paul Anderson, Agnes Frobish and Norman Peek passed away.

Dec. 11 – Kelly Greischar, Eva Jones, Dennis Nelson, Norman Peek, Ricky Howell and Dolores Mumford passed away.

Dec. 13/14 – Helen Louise Reed, Gilbert Russell Vaughn, Maxine Eileen Chapman and James Lee Curry passed away.

Dec. 15 – Florence Brown, Maxine Chapman, Penny Buhrle, Robert E. Snover, Christine Guilfoyle James Curry, Marian Moody, Shirley Merscham and Lloyd Sutton, Sr. passed away.

Dec. 16 – George Lewis, Margaret Fields, Wallace David, Jr., Christine Guilfoyle and Robert E. Snover, Sr. passed away.

Dec. 17 – Harry Bishop, Harold Brown, Jr., Mary Maxey, Wallace David, Jr. and Marilyn Broyles passed away.

Dec. 18 – Virginia Crawford and Bessie Jennings passed away.

Dec. 19 – Fern Peterson passed away.

Dec. 20/21 – John Keithley and Thomas H. Morse passed away.

Dec. 22 – John Benton, Carolyn Graffham, Vance Robrahn and C. Ozella Hodgson passed away.

Dec. 23 – Carolyn Graffham, Dale Anderson, Larry Ward, Ida Hornberger and Elva Moody passed away.

Dec. 24 – Carolyn Graffham and Clara Hodgson passed away.

Dec. 26 – Richard L. Reeder, Geneva M. Phillips and Eugene Ray Emery passed away.

Dec. 27/28 – Doris Hultz, Johnnie Ursery and John Hotzel passed away.

Dec. 29 – Dorothy Green and A. H. North passed away.

Dec. 30 – Elizabeth Adams, Mildred Fisher and Perry Franks passed away. 

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